The name alone is a pretty lofty claim to fame, when considering general cannabis quality standards right now. Thankfully, Slice of Heaven is a super-sexy strain from the United States that lives up to its own hype. Particularly if you’re the type of person who likes a bit of mystery, this stuff could be right up your street. Engineered in Colorado by combining the genetics of ICED Grapefruit and Skwurl Killer, we still don’t know a great deal about Slice of Heaven’s exact properties. Nevertheless, what we do know is that Slice of Heaven is a fabulously balanced hybrid with a decadent fragrance and flavour profile, which is well worth making the effort to track down.

General Characteristics
As mentioned, much of the magic surrounding Slice of Heaven lies in the mystery of the whole experience. Right now, nobody really knows exactly how much THC to expect from a batch of Slice of Heaven. No formal or semi-official tests have been carried out, so it’s a case of ‘smoke it and see’ for the time being.

Irrespective of potency or otherwise, Slice of Heaven delivers the kind of all-round sensory experience that makes for a guaranteed spot on the 2020 cannabis calendar. Expect generous production of bold green buds with a decadent coating of trichomes, which emit a fabulously fruity fragrance as they reach maturity. All of which becomes even more pronounced when the buds are broken and burned, releasing masses of mouth-watering fruits and a hint of sharp citrus. Refreshing, revitalising and ridiculously moreish, Slice of Heaven delivers a satisfying smoke you simply can’t get enough of.

Slice of Heaven Effects
Bringing the perfect balance of sativa and indica genetics into the mix, Slice of Heaven combines the best of all worlds. The immediate feeling is one of motivation, optimism and positivity, with a relatively gentle cerebral uplift that brightens your day. It’s an enjoyable and energising experience, but not to such an extent as to have you jittery or peeling yourself off the ceiling.

In any case, this initial feeling of euphoria is quickly complemented with a relaxing and enjoyable body stone. Again, far from incapacitating, but more than enough to lull you into a state of lazy contentment. You’ll still be able to function if you wish to do so, but it’s more probable you’ll choose to do precisely jack. Slice of Heaven isn’t what you’d call sedating in the traditional sense, but makes for the perfect relaxation aid at the end of a difficult day.

Slice of Heaven Medical Applications
The fact that Slice of Heaven is so perfectly balanced makes it an extremely popular and versatile strain in therapeutic cannabis circles. Exact THC and CBD levels are still unclear, but it is nowhere near potent enough to knock inexperienced users off their feet. Instead, Slice of Heaven delivers an all-round relaxing and uplifting high that’s great for dealing with a variety of ailments.

Examples of which include mild cases of anxiety and depression, everyday aches and pains, occasional bouts of stress and muscle cramps. Some users have also reported powerful and prolonged cases of the munchies kicking in, which could make Slice of Heaven useful where poor appetite is a problem.

Growing Slice of Heaven
Land yourself some Slice of Heaven seeds or a quality cutting and you’re in for a relatively easy ride from start to finish. Resilient, robust and resistant to most common plant problems, Slice of Heaven has a flowering time of approximately nine weeks and delivers consistently generous harvests.

Indoor cultivation is the preferred option in cooler northern climates, but Slice of Heaven can nonetheless cope with the occasional bout of bad weather.

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