You don’t have to be the ultimate Dr Who superfan to get a real kick out of this stuff. Even if you’ve no idea what a Sonic Screwdriver is (in the fictional sense, of course), it really doesn’t matter. Engineered by the good folks at TGA Subcool Genetics, Sonic Screwdriver was brought to life by combining the genetics of two of the most epic strains of all time - Orange Cream Soda and Trainwreck. A sativa-heavy hybrid, Sonic Screwdriver is an absolute must for every cannabis toolbox.

General Characteristics
Sonic Screwdriver offers an important reminder that THC isn’t everything. It’s a big deal to some, but it’s not to say a strain with modest THC levels can’t be exquisite. In the case of Sonic Screwdriver, this stuff usually tests for approximately 15%. Trichome production is relatively modest, but the way this thing gets to work on the nose is quite exceptional.

When Sonic Screwdriver plants burst into bloom, the flowers emit a sweet and inviting citrus fragrance with plenty of dank earth in the background. All of which explodes into life when the buds are broken, even more so when ignited.Exactly as you’d expect, its Orange Cream Soda lineage lends plenty to its flavour profile, which is dominated by a creamy orange citrus taste that’s almost too good to be true. The fuel-like flavour of its Trainwreck lineage is particularly pronounced on the exhale, but not with sufficient sharpness or acridness to be unpleasant.

Sonic Screwdriver Effects
Not only is Sonic Screwdriver a creeper, but it also guarantees a seriously multi-dimensional journey. The immediate feeling is one of a notable yet mellow cerebral uplift, which simply makes the world and everything in it seem infinitely more pleasant. As time progresses, positivity, energy and optimism continue to accelerate, to such an extent that giggles and relatively nonsensical conversation are largely guaranteed.

Interestingly, Sonic Screwdriver is notorious for making it difficult to keep sexual urges in check. You’ll therefore need to think carefully about when and where you consume it, if you’re the type who struggles with that side of things anyway. In any case, give it a few hours and Sonic Screwdriver brings you back down to earth with a beautifully relaxing body stone. Not nearly enough to knock you off your feet, but more than enough to spend at least a few solid hours doing nothing and enjoying every minute of it.

Sonic Screwdriver Medical Applications
The balanced and controllable nature of Sonic Screwdriver has made it a firm favourite in medical cannabis circles. Its uplifting properties are ideal for effective but never overwhelming relief from everyday stress and anxiety. If you’re struggling with a bout of daytime sleepiness or lethargy, this thing gets the job done better than any cup of coffee money can buy. It’s also great for tackling poor appetite and occasional bouts of nausea - relatively relentless munchies are inevitable with Sonic Screwdriver.

Best of all, its moderate THC content of just 15% or so makes it a great choice for the uninitiated, along with patients with a low THC.

Growing Sonic Screwdriver
Sonic Screwdriver isn’t a particularly demanding strain to grow, but nonetheless performs best in controlled indoor conditions. Expect flowering times of approximately nine weeks, followed by a surprisingly generous yields for such small and compact plants. Odour control isn’t usually an issue, as while Sonic Screwdriver is extremely fragrant, it isn’t a particularly pungent specimen. Nor does it have that quintessential ‘skunky’ fragrance that tends to give the game away.

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