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Pot Profiles: Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Pot Profiles: Sorcerer’s Apprentice

By Lisa Mortown

Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a product of the folks at Bodhi Seeds. As usual, this means a magical and mysterious strain we still don’t know a great deal about. Not that a little mystery is a bad thing - especially when dealing with a delightful indica-dominant strain like this. Sorcerer’s Apprentice isn’t particularly easy to track down, by more than justifies the effort. Engineered by combining the genetics of Cheech Wizard with Appalachia, Sorcerer’s Apprentice is beautifully balanced and exceptionally aromatic. If you like your flavours complex and your high controllable, this really is the stuff for you.

General Characteristics

These days, a THC content that maxes out in the region of 17% might seem modest. Nevertheless, there’s a growing market for well-balanced strains that aren’t engineered simply to blow your head off. Sorcerer’s Apprentice being one of them, which is about far more than power and potency alone.

Mature Sorcerer’s Apprentice flowers are relatively loose with a fluffy appearance, dominated by darker greens and plenty of bright orange hairs. All of which is coated by an attractive layer of amber trichomes, which emit a complex tapestry of fragrances as the weeks go by. Depending on who you ask, Sorcerer’s Apprentice has a fragrance and flavour profile dominated by any number of different tropical fruits, along with a touch of a sour fuel and a hint of earthiness. There’s also an unmistakable creamy flavour on the exhale, which sticks around for quite some time.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Effects

Despite being an indica-heavy hybrid, Sorcerer’s Apprentice doesn’t get to work quite as you’d expect. Initially, Sorcerer’s Apprentice brings on an uplifting and energising cerebral sensation, at which point you’ll feel motivated to get things done. If there’s anything that needs doing, now’s the time to do it. Happy and giggly as you are, it’s not long before the indica genetics of Sorcerer’s Apprentice become apparent.

Relaxing but by no means incapacitating, Sorcerer’s Apprentice is great for unwinding when there’s little that needs to be done. The initial sense of energy and euphoria subsides, but lingers in the background to keep you feeling fantastic for the duration. You’ll no longer be able to tackle those chores, but won’t be locked to the couch indefinitely. The moderate THC content of Sorcerer’s Apprentice makes it an absolute winner as a session smoke, or for those with a relatively underdeveloped THC tolerance.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Medical Applications

Potential medical applications for Sorcerer’s Apprentice are comparatively broad. The initial uplift can be great for dealing with everyday stress and anxiety, along with the occasional bout of mild depression. All without ever bringing on the kind of mind-race associated with stronger strains.

As the effects of Sorcerer’s Apprentice are predominantly physical, it’s also a fantastic strain for combating general aches and pains. It’s also a renowned strain for relaxing ahead of a good night’s sleep, or tackling poor appetite…albeit by encouraging binge eating. The high is surprisingly balanced and completely controllable, making Sorcerer’s Apprentice a popular choice for newcomers to therapeutic cannabis with a comparatively low THC tolerance.

Growing Sorcerer’s Apprentice

It’s no secret that Bodhi Seeds doesn’t make it particularly easy to get hold of their latest strains. Sorcerer’s Apprentice is no exception to the rule, but it is nonetheless possible to come across seeds or cuttings if you search hard enough. Sorcerer’s Apprentice plants remain compact and easy to control throughout, flowering in approximately nine weeks and producing surprisingly generous harvests.

That said, word on the street points to a relatively tricky plant to grow that’s not exactly forgiving.Hence, you’ll want to ensure you have at least a little knowledge and experience, before getting started with Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

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