If you’ve been searching high and low for the ultimate wake and bake strain, this could well be it. Strawberry Ice is a decadent and delicious 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid that has more going for it than a dozen comparable strains. While it’s known that Strawberry Ice was engineered by combining a secret sativa strain with Blueberry, nobody really knows where it came from. Still, there’s nothing like a bit of mystery to add further appeal to an already stellar specimen. Speaking of stellar, Strawberry Ice took home a prestigious gong at the 2015 Oregon DOPE Cup, further cementing its reputation as a modern classic in the making.

General Characteristics
Strawberry Ice has a THC content that tends to hover around the 18% mark.However, it’s not uncommon for Strawberry Ice to go far beyond the 20% barrier, or test closer to 15%. In all instances, it’s a renowned recreational smoke with a balanced and enjoyable high that’s easy to keep under control.

Nevertheless, much of the appeal of Strawberry Ice lies in its unique fragrance and flavor profile. Unsurprisingly, the whole thing is dominated by a sweet and succulent strawberry note, with just a touch of mint in the background. Both of these flavors dominate the exhale, which leaves behind a fresh and fruity sweetness that’s simply irresistible.

When Strawberry Ice plants reach maturity, the nugs produced often have a noticeable red hue reminiscent of strawberries. This combines with a sticky coating of crystal-white trichomes, resulting in a dreamy frosted-berry appearance. In terms of visuals, fragrance, flavor and pretty much everything else, Strawberry Ice is pure magic.

Strawberry Ice Effects
The effects of Strawberry Ice are as unique as its physical characteristics. Rather than blasting you into kingdom come with an overwhelming head high, it’s instead a case of being immediately inspired and motivated to get things done. And by things, we mean anything – this stuff brings joy and satisfaction into the most boring of everyday activities. There’s a definite euphoric uplift after the first couple of hits, but this quickly subsides into a sense of focused and controllable energy that’s as close as it gets to caffeine. Only, without the nervousness that accompanies the overconsumption of coffee.

Strawberry Ice fans also regularly report enhanced creativity and inspiration, which like the motivational uplift lingers for hours on end.

Strawberry Ice Medical Applications
In medical cannabis circles, Strawberry Ice is renowned for its versatility and accessibility. Despite having a relatively generous THC content, it is nonetheless balanced and controllable enough for less experienced users. Those prone to anxiety and panic attacks should toke with caution, but Strawberry Ice isn’t generally associated with these kinds of negative effects.

The motivating, energising and uplifting effects of Strawberry Ice make it perfect for anyone struggling to get things done to any reason. From mild depression to muscle pains to everyday fatigue, Strawberry Ice melts these and other issues away in a relaxed and dreamy way. The relaxing properties of Strawberry Ice are more than enough to alleviate tension, but won’t reduce you to couchlock – however hard you hit it.

Growing Strawberry Ice
Strawberry Ice isn’t the easiest strain to grow, but guarantees rich rewards for those who get it right. Just be warned that if you position your plants outdoors, you could be looking at towering-high specimens in no time at all. It’s not the easiest strain to keep under wraps, which is why most prefer controlled indoor conditions.

Keep close tabs on temperatures, humidity levels and nutrient provision and you’ll be looking at moderate to high yields after a flowering period of approximately 10 weeks.

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