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Pot Profiles: Suicide Girl

Pot Profiles: Suicide Girl

By Lisa Mortown

Don’t let the name fool you - Suicide Girl is all about good times and great vibes.That said, she’s also the kind of strain that takes no prisoners and pulls no punches. You need to know what you’re getting yourself into with Suicide Girl, while also ensuring you have a pretty clear calendar. There’s no complexity or roller-coaster ride with this one. Suicide Girl is a classic knock-out strain that’s guaranteed to have you on your back for the duration. All while loving every second of the experience.

General Characteristics
Engineered by the folks at Calyx Gardens, Suicide Girl is an indica-heavy hybrid of epic proportions. She was brought to life by combining the genetics of Poison OG with Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, resulting in an aromatic and flavourful strain with a serious dose of THC. Score yourself a decent batch of this stuff and you’re looking at approximately 27% THC - sometimes even more.

As you’d expect with parents like these, Suicide Girl has a beautifully complex fragrance and flavour profile. There’s a fair amount of sour fuel and sweet candy on the nose, backed by a heavy hit of black pepper and exotic spice when burned. The smoke produced is surprisingly smooth given its density, leaving behind a sweet aftertaste that’s not a million miles from liquorice. Mature Suicide Girl plants produce buds of a relatively modest size, but you really don’t need a lot of this stuff to have the desired effect.

Suicide Girl Effects
Often lulling users into a false sense of security, Suicide Girl hits hard and fast with an immediate burst of cerebral energy. However, give things just a few more minutes and the physically incapacitating properties of Suicide Girl become apparent. Initial mental clarity is replaced by a feeling of floaty numbness, leaving you spaced out for the duration in the best possible way.

Notorious for bringing on extended bouts of couchlock, Suicide Girl will also have you talking absolute nonsense for hours on end. She’s not what you’d call the most social of strains, but won’t leave you incapable of speech while the ride plays out. It’s just that what you say probably won’t mean anything to anyone other than you, but that’s by the by. If you’re simply looking for the kind of strain that floors you in one punch, you won’t go far wrong with Suicide Girl.

Suicide Girl Medical Applications
Given the above, the therapeutic properties of Suicide Girl are relatively self-explanatory. If you’re in need of a physical energy boost of any kind, avoid this stuff like the plague. By contrast, anyone looking to treat mild to moderate stress or anxiety will find Suicide Girl ideal. The same also goes for patients struggling with insomnia or depression, which are no match for Suicide Girl.

On the downside, Suicide Girl can be far too strong for individuals with a low THC tolerance to handle. The initial impact in particular has a tendency to bring on mind-race and paranoia, and may be too hard to handle without a fair amount of experience. Suicide Girl is a strain to approach with caution, even if you know your way around a strong indica specimen.

Growing Suicide Girl
Challenging in more ways than one, Suicide Girl isn’t a particularly easy strain to grow. She’s difficult to track down in seed form, but there are plenty of cuttings available if you look hard enough. Expect reasonably large plants with flowering times of approximately eight weeks, which demand a fair amount of TLC along the way.

Invest the necessary effort and you’ll still be looking at a fairly modest harvest.Then again, it’s worth remembering that you only need a tiny amount of this stuff to incapacitate you indefinitely.

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