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Pot Profiles: White Cookies

Pot Profiles: White Cookies

By Grow How

Combining two all-time classics doesn’t always guarantee remarkable results.In the case of White Cookies, it absolutely did. This modern day masterpiece was engineered by combining White Widow with Girl Scout Cookies - two of the most revered strains ever to hit the mainstream market. THC levels hover around the 18% mark, but White Cookies has a heavy hit that makes it feel far more potent than this. One of the most delicious strains you’ll ever taste and a renowned painkiller, White Cookies has earned the approval of medical and recreational cannabis connoisseurs worldwide.

General Characteristics

Don’t be fooled by the fact that White Cookies has a comparatively modest THC content by today’s standards. This is a hard-hitting specimen that routinely takes novices off-guard. True to its name, White Cookies produces flowers of a minty-green colour, covered by yellow-tinged trichomes that look sweet enough to eat. You’ll need a good grinder, as they’re often far too sticky to break up by hand.

Still, it’s not until you pick up the aroma of White Cookies that you understand how magical it really is. There’s an extraordinary funk of chocolate, mint, vanilla and baked goods, all with a gorgeously satisfying undertone of fresh earth. All of which intensifies when the buds are broken and simply explodes when burned. The flavour profile is every bit as complex and enjoyable as the fragrance, though with a spicy burst of pepper on the exhale. Without doubt, one of the most delicious cannabis strains you’ll find right now.

White Cookies Effects

If you’re familiar with its linage, you’ll know exactly what to expect from White Cookies. True to its origins, the experience begins with an immediate cerebral uplift that’s euphoric and relaxing in equal measures. Any worries you had will be erased from existence, you’ll find yourself wanting to talk nonsense to anyone willing to listen and you’ll be on the verge of hysterical giggles the whole time.

Eventually, this high-energy uplift gives way to a satisfying stone, which leaves body and mind feeling equally relaxed. Not to such an extent that you’ll be stuck on the couch, but you’ll be happy wasting time doing anything or nothing.One important not - White Cookies is notorious for bringing on the kinds of munchies that simply don’t quit. You’ll therefore want to plan ahead, if you don’t have a serious stockpile of snacks close by already.

White Cookies Medical Applications

White Cookies has built an enormous following in medical cannabis circles worldwide. One of its most appealing characteristics is the way in which it has a powerful affect on pain, nausea, depression and stress, yet doesn’t knock the user clean off their feet. Measure your intake of White Cookies and you’ll still be perfectly capable of getting things done, while bringing welcome relief to your symptoms.

Unsurprisingly, it’s also one of the top-rated strains on the market for the treatment of poor appetite. Even if you’re more than familiar with the munchies, the relentless hunger this stuff induces really is something else.

Growing White Cookies

White Cookies isn’t the most difficult strain on the market to grow, but nonetheless responds positively to a good amount of TLC. Flowering times come in at around 10 weeks, leading to relatively modest harvests. Treat White Cookies to well-balanced conditions and it will pretty much take care of itself, demonstrating strong resistance to mould, disease and pest infestation.

White Cookies is the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of modern life.It’s also a perfect party-starter and a great choice for most social occasions.

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