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Pot Profiles: Super Jack

Pot Profiles: Super Jack

By Grow How

Engineered by combining the genetics of Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze, Super Jack takes the properties of its parents to an even higher level. Born in Amsterdam and now available worldwide, Super Jack is considered by many to be the ultimate daytime smoke. THC content varies wildly from one batch to the next, measuring anything from 12% up to 24% or more. As you’re never quite sure which side of the scale your batch is on, Super Jack is a strain to be approached with extreme care and attention. That is, unless your goal is to blow yourself clear through the stratosphere.

General Characteristics

Super Jack is a product of sativa ancestry, though produces buds with all the hallmarks of a prime indica. Expect a rich tapestry of dark mossy greens, interspersed with curling orange hairs and a seriously thick coating of sticky trichomes. Super Jack buds are usually impossible to break up by hand, so be sure to have a quality grinder on standby.

Break the buds open and it’s a tale of wet earth, sharp citrus and more dankness than you’ll know what to do with. Grinding Super Jack buds releases a distinctly herbal fragrance, with a minty undertone that’s not dissimilar to eucalyptus. The smoke is dense yet smooth and in no way cough-inducing, leaving behind a fantastically fruity aftertaste with plenty of exotic spice.

Super Jack Effects

Pressure begins to build around the temples and the eyes after a single heavy hit, which is often accompanied by reddening of the eyes and face. Following this initial rush (which newcomers can find a little overwhelming), Super Jack’s effects are all about clear-headedness, inspiration, motivation and the desire to get things done. Whether simply cleaning the house or focusing on a far more important task, Super Jack will give you the energy, alertness and focus you need to make it happen…and enjoy doing it.

The high gradually begins to make its way towards the extremities, resulting in a pleasant tingling sensation and a feeling of general contentment. Super Jack rarely affects the body to such an extent as to incapacitate or slow the user down, instead combining an energising cerebral high with a feeling of head to toe happiness. An ideal morning or afternoon smoke, Super Jack can also be great for getting the conversation going at social events and generally breaking the ice.

Super Jack Medical Applications

Medical cannabis users routinely turn to Super Jack as an organic remedy for concentration issues and attention deficit disorders. The energising and uplifting properties of Super Jack can also be great for combating tiredness and lethargy, while its association with positivity and motivation make it a good choice for combating mild depression and everyday stress.

However, stronger batches of Super Jack have a tendency to bring on relatively heavy and prolonged mind-race, making it unsuitable for users with a low THC tolerance. It may also be too potent and powerful for anyone prone to panic attacks or anxiety.

Growing Super Jack

Super Jack is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation alike, though requires relatively consistent Mediterranean-like temperatures to reach its full potential.Ideal where space is at a premium, Super Jack plants are short, bushy and extremely generous for their small size. Flowering times come in at around eight weeks, making multiple harvests possible within the same season. As Super Jack’s buds produce a particularly potent fragrance during the flowering stage, it may be necessary to take precautions if discretion is a priority.

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