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Pressing Rosin?  Don’t Waste Your Leftover Weed

Pressing Rosin? Don’t Waste Your Leftover Weed

By Grow How

If you’ve decided to get busy with a rosin press, you’ll in for one hell of a treat. Far more effective and efficient than the traditional hair-straightener method, a good rosin press represents an outstanding investment for the cannabis connoisseur.

The thing is though, pressing rosin will always leave you with a bunch of ‘rosin chips’ – aka the leftovers after completing the process. In most instances, those who’re into this type of premium cannabis processing don’t really give a damn about the leftovers and simply toss them in the trash. But at the same time, there’s plenty of value left in these weed leftovers it’s a shame to waste.

Even if you yourself aren’t bothered about them, you could always do something charitable with them!

So if you’d prefer not to waste a scrap of that top-shelf bud you’ve produced or paid for, here’s a quick rundown of some of the best ways of putting rosin chips to much better use:


Cannabis capsules represent one of the quickest and easiest ways of making something from nothing. Pretty much any waste plant matter you have available that still contains THC can and should be put to good use. In the case of cannabis, it’s a case of grinding the stuff down to fine powder, before distributing it into plastic capsules. If you can’t get hold of empty capsules, simply buy cheap vitamin capsules and empty their contents respectively. This way, you’ll get a generous dose of THC, none of the horrid taste of waste plant matter and a good few traces of vitamins as an added bonus!

Cook It

Perhaps the single best thing you can do with any leftover cannabis whatsoever is to process it into cannabis oil or cannabutter. Once you’ve cooked up a batch of either, you’ll be able to experiment with literally thousands of different recipes to suit your tastes. Oils and butters have an indefinite shelf-life when properly stored and are also incredibly easy to make. Pretty much any waste weed you have lying about the place can be added to butter or oil, gently cooked at a low temperature to extract the active compounds and summarily strained and cooled. Seriously – why waste leftovers when it’s so easy to cook with them instead?

Vape It

Of course, you can’t realistically expect waste weed you stick in a vaporizer to taste as fresh or be anywhere near as powerful as high-quality cannabis flowers. Nevertheless, you’ll probably find it isn’t nearly as unpleasant as you might expect. What’s more, dried and somewhat nasty bud also produces the biggest clouds and most visible vapor. So if you’re all about blowing smoke just to show off, you might as well put your waste weed to good use.

Drink It

Teas, coffees, cocktails and so on – there’s a whole world of incredible cannabis-infused drinks to try out. In most instances however, you’re probably not going to want to use your very best and most expensive bud to create these kinds of occasional treats. In which case, you might as well take whatever leftovers you have to hand and have a go at brewing something special.

Smoke It

Last but not least, there’s always the option of biting the bullet and simply smoking it. It’s probably going to be harsh and won’t have a particularly pleasant flavour profile, but there could still be more than enough THC in there to get you high. Not only this, but it’s worth remembering that there are also various ways and means to inject new life and moisture into dried out bud.Infuse a little moisture back in there and you may find it isn’t nearly as unpleasant as you’d otherwise expect.

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