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Four Common Questions on Cannabis Seeds – Answered

Four Common Questions on Cannabis Seeds – Answered

By Grow How

Having identified the most commonly asked of all questions on cannabis seeds, we figured we’d share the answers publically…just in case you’d been wondering too:


Q - What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?
If you’ve ever wondered what exactly feminized cannabis seeds are, you’re basically looking at seeds that produce plants that are almost identical to their female parent plants. Seeds are feminized by a process that results in the subsequent plant developing as a hermaphrodite. This is achieved by the Rodelization method, spraying the plant with a colloidal silver solution or spraying it with gibberellic acid.


In essence, working with feminized seeds is a little like cloning, only from seeds rather than cuttings. No male plants will be produced whatsoever, in turn guaranteeing all female plants for those producing and using feminized seeds. The only downside being that in many instances, those producing such seeds do not make particularly concerted efforts to ensure that the mother plants themselves are suitably strong and stable. As such, it is advisable only to ever purchase feminized seeds from known and reputable brands.  


Q - What are Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds?
The flowering stage in a cannabis plant’s life cycle is triggered when the amount of light they are exposed to every day drops at the end of the summer season. Instead of getting around 18 hours of sunlight per day, they begin receiving 12 to 14 hours of sunlight, which triggers the beginning of their flowering cycle.


Through a careful process of cross breeding, cultivation experts have created a strain of cannabis plants that are essentially pre-programmed to begin flowering the moment they reach maturity, irrespective of the conditions they are exposed to. As such, auto-flowering cannabis seeds come particularly highly recommended for those living in regions where summers are short and daylight limited. It is impossible to keep auto-flowering cannabis plants in a vegetative state by manipulating their growing environment.  


Q - What is the Difference Between Cannabis Seeds and Cannabis Clones?
Cloning is one of the most popular approaches to cannabis cultivation as it can be faster, easier and cheaper than starting out from seed. It is a process that involves taking cuttings from a mother plant, which are then planted separately in order to produce identical copies of the plant from which they were taken. Where a strong and stable mother plant has been identified, it is possible to grow an infinite number of identical clones, making it an extremely simple and cost-effective approach to cannabis cultivation.


However, cannabis plants grown from seeds carry the genetics of their two parent plants, which can manifest in an endless number of ways. It is therefore perfectly possible that growing from seed can produce vastly superior results, albeit through a more intensive cultivation process. Many professional growers swear by cultivation from seed and see cloning as an affront to what they do.


Q - What is the Legality of Cannabis Seeds?
Last but not least, cannabis seed legality is a strange and sketchy subject across most of the world. The reason being that even in many countries where cannabis is illegal, cannabis seeds are still 100% legal to buy, sell and own. The only problem being that the moment you make any attempt to germinate them, you’re breaking the law. Which is why it usually states that the seeds are available for novelty purposes only, even though this clearly isn’t what 99.99% of buyers have in mind!





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