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Should You Freeze Your Excess Cannabis?

Should You Freeze Your Excess Cannabis?

By Grow How

The term ‘excess cannabis’ typically only applies to those who grow their own.Even then, it’s hard to imagine being lucky enough to find yourself in a situation where you have too much cannabis.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of people who find themselves in need of longer-term cannabis’ storage options. The usual jars and containers are all well and good, but what if you need to store your cannabis away for a few weeks? Or for that matter, even a few months?

This is where the idea of freezing excess cannabis enters the conversation. A concept some swear by, while others insist it should be avoided at all costs.

Fire Consumes, But Cold Preserves - Game of Thrones

Cold does indeed preserve, which is why everyday foodstuffs last significantly longer in the freezer. Some scientists argue that stored correctly, various frozen goods could technically last forever in deep freeze conditions.

Some, but not all. And even when something technically ‘survives’ in the freezer, it doesn’t necessarily emerge with the same quality as when it went it. Hence, the cannabis question - is freezing cannabis the way to go?

The primary argument that supports the idea of freezing cannabis is that doing so will naturally slow down the decarboxylation process. Roughly translated, it will stop the active compounds in the cannabis breaking down and deteriorating over time, which should (in theory) preserve them for future use.

Unfortunately, this apparent THCA preservation doesn’t come without its costs.

For example, freezing cannabis means freezing all those precious and surprisingly fragile trichomes all over the surface. In doing so, they become even more fragile, brittle and prone to falling off. The more trichomes you lose, the greater the extent to which the quality and potency of the weed suffer.

You can harvest and reuse the trichomes and other bits and pieces that fall off in the bag, but the buds themselves won’t be the same as they were when you froze them.

In addition, freezing cannabis in a container or package that isn’t 100% flawlessly airtight can result in moisture creeping into the equation. Moisture which can, and probably will, prove fatal for your cannabis. Even if moisture is kept a safe distance from your cannabis, you can expect weed with a very different consistency when you take it out and thaw it.

Freezing Other Cannabis Products

Interestingly, there’s no real evidence to suggest that freezing cannabis products like BHO or hash has any real impact on the quality or potency. As the plant’s trichomes have already been harvested and used to make the product in question, they’re not going to fall off again in the freezer. The threat posed by moisture remains, but can nonetheless be augmented with meticulous airtight packaging and an opaque covering.

It’s also perfectly possible to freeze cannabis butter and various edibles, without affecting their potency. Worth considering, if you find yourself with a way more cannabis than you know what to do with.

So, Should I Freeze My Excess Bud?

At the risk of being vague, the answer to the question is…maybe.

If you’ve end up with a ridiculous quantity of excess weed and you’d rather not waste it, freezing it is an option. Even if it comes out the other side a little worse for wear, it’s better than nothing.

However, if you’re willing to invest a little time and effort in the process, it’s worth considering converting your cannabis into a more freezable form. Hash, butters, edibles and so on - all of which have a tendency to freeze better than fragile cannabis flowers.

keith 7 months ago at 7:38 PM
hi i vacume pac my harvest in the fall half z each one ..last me until the next harvest apprx 10 monyths .have had no problems with potency ..
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