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Six Indoor Growing Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Six Indoor Growing Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

By Grow How

Theoretically, it’s possible to germinate cannabis seeds and successfully grow weed plants with nothing more than a bag of soil. That said, anyone looking to produce pot they’ll be even remotely satisfied with needs to invest a little more thought and effort in the process.

Of course, it’s not as if you need all the gadgets and electronic accessories in the world to successfully grow weed. It’s just that quality indoor growing gadgets can make the entire process faster, easier and more enjoyable. Not to mention, far more rewarding when the time comes to harvest.

Ask any seasoned expert how to grow marijuana like the pros and they’ll probably reel-off dozens of weird and wonderful gadgets they’ve become dependent on.

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief rundown of six indoor cannabis growing gadgets you really can’t get by without:

1. Automatic Timers

First up, a good Intermatic timer is an absolute must. Taking full responsibility for controlling everything from grow lights to humidifiers to heaters and so on, a reliable timer effectively serves as a second pair of hands on 24/7 basis. Just be sure to pick up a quality timer that isn’t going to fail at the worst possible time, for obvious reasons.

2. Air Extractor Fans

Nothing matters more than consistent circulation of high-quality air in your grow space. Your plants are going to need plenty of oxygen during the night and a continuous dose of carbon dioxide during the day. Air circulation ensures they’re provided with a consistent supply of both, enabling them to perform their basic functions throughout their lives. In addition, quality air extractor fans and circulation systems in general can make it so much easier to control temperature and humidity inside your grow space.

3. Carbon Filters

It’s not until you get started with a decent carbon filter that you realise just how big of a difference they can make. Activated carbon does a genuinely impressive job removing odours from the air. In the case of the most pungent cannabis strains – Cheesy Auto, Lemon OG Candy, Blue Cheese etc. – a good carbon filter (or combination of a few filters) really can eliminate excessive odours. You may adore the smell of cannabis, but you might also want to keep things under wraps.

4. EC and pH Meters

You’re going to need to keep a close eye on pH land EC levels, if you’re to grow top-shelf cannabis at home. EC – aka electro-conductivity – indicating how much salt is in any given solution, with pH showing its alkalinity and acidity. What represents the ideal balance will be determined by the cannabis strains you intend to grow and your chosen medium. Nevertheless, these are simple yet essential gadgets you need in your life.

5. Humidifier / Dehumidifier

Humidity levels can be surprisingly difficult to balance in an indoor grow space.That is, unless you invest in a quality humidifier and/or dehumidifier, along with a reliable thermo hygrometer. Cannabis plants typically appreciate humidity levels in the region of 50% during flowering, or closer to 70% during their growth stage.

6. Premium Grow Lights

Last but not least, the key word to consider with maximum importance in this instance is ‘premium’. Just because cannabis will technically grow under almost any type of light doesn’t mean good cannabis will grow without the appropriate lighting. Always remember that an investment in premium grow lights represents an invaluable investment in the quality of your final harvest.Whatever it costs to get set up, you’ll be rewarded in kind when things hit their stride further down the line!

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