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Six Reasons to Bring Cannabis Into the Bedroom

Six Reasons to Bring Cannabis Into the Bedroom

By Grow How

Marijuana has long been viewed by millions as one of nature’s very best painkillers. But it’s only as of relatively recently that we’ve begun to explore just how epic it can be in other departments. For example – what if we told you that cannabis could dramatically improve your sex life?


There’s growing scientific evidence to suggest that marijuana outperforms and outpaces even by even Viagra in so many ways. So if you’ve been looking for that perfect aphrodisiac to spice things up a little, here’s a quick rundown of six reasons to bring marijuana into the bedroom:


1 – Cannabis Can Help Women Reach Orgasms

First and foremost, scientific studies have proven that cannabis affects the same CB1 receptor in the brain that controls…well, how horny you feel. You smoke marijuana, the receptor is activated and the likelihood of reaching orgasm is increased accordingly. Given the fact that approximately a third of all women struggle to reach orgasm during sex, this in its own right is just cause to think about giving pot a shot. Anything that makes it easier to orgasm really can’t be a bad thing…can it?


2 – Cannabis Improves Stamina In The Bedroom

On the other side of the fence, anyone who would like to last at least a little longer in bed could also benefit significantly by bringing cannabis into the equation. A large-scale study carried out some time ago found that no less than 75% of people found that their sexual encounters lasted longer after smoking weed than they did without marijuana use. And what’s more, the fact that the overwhelming majority also said they found their sexual encounters considerably more satisfying too also says a great deal about marijuana as an aphrodisiac.


3 – Marijuana Can Increase Orgasm Intensity

Given the way in which marijuana seems to slow everything down to a more beautifully relaxed pace, it’s hardly surprising that it can also make orgasms last so much longer. There can’t be many people who’d honestly say they’d prefer their orgasms to be over quicker – no way, no how. Nevertheless, just a few tokes at the right time before getting down n’ dirty can be all it takes to make a huge difference to orgasm length and intensity. By contrast, alcohol is known to have quite the opposite effect on orgasms. Which is precisely why bedroom antics after one too many drinks more often than not turn out to be deeply unsatisfying!


4 – Weed Builds Bonds

Something else to consider is the way in which marijuana use has been linked in many studies to stronger relationships in general. Which isn’t exactly hard to understand, given the way in which cannabis puts you in a mood where the very last thing you want to do is fight and argue. Smoking weed as a couple can be an incredible bonding experience with the potential to strengthen relationships and minimise conflicts.


5 – Cannabis Is A True Aphrodisiac

As already touched upon, marijuana has a direct effect on various areas of the brain and body that influence sexual desire and stimulation. It’s therefore not only about improving enjoyment of sex, but actually making you crave sex more in the first place. Once again, alcohol can be a real libido-killer, while cannabis has the potential to be the exact opposite.


6 – Marijuana Puts You In The Right Mood

Last but not least, most people will occasionally (or frequently) find themselves feeling somewhat shy, nervous or a bit on the uncomfortable side when it comes to sex. And when you feel nervous or anxious, you cannot expect to perform at your best or get the most out of it. With a little cannabis however, it’s perfectly simple to eliminate all such feelings and really get yourself in the right mood. Relaxed, calm, peaceful and ready to focus on the task at hand!







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