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Six Stellar Strains for the Spring Season

Six Stellar Strains for the Spring Season

By Grow How

Some cannabis strains are more seasonal than others. By seasonal, we mean even more enjoyable at certain times of year.

For obvious reasons, the spring season is the perfect time of year to try your hand at growing something new. Or if you’re new to cultivation entirely, trying your hand with your first batch of home-grown.

But which strains tick all the right boxes for the spring season? When buying a batch for getting your grow setup, which top-shelf strains have spring fever written all over them?

It depends whom you ask, but you won’t go far wrong with any of the following:


With its gorgeous chocolaty flavour underpinned by an unmistakable note of fresh coffee, Chocolope is the ultimate strain for Easter. It may have already come and gone, but the uplifting and euphoric high delivered by this Sativa powerhouse make it perfect for outdoor enjoyment when the weather is at its best. Not quite crossing the line into psychedelic, but more than enough to further-enhance the beauty of everything bursting into life around you.

Girl Scout Cookies

If looking for the perfect strain to accompany a few hours flat on your back in the early evening sunshine, this is it. Boasting a THC content that often edges on 25%, Girl Scout Cookies is a sweet and sultry strain that’s not to be approached without caution. A few tokes of this stuff and you’re incapacitated with an overwhelming sense of head to toe relaxation, combined with a truly mind-bending and reality-warping cerebral hit. No entertainment necessary - staring straight up at the springtime sky becomes the ultimate experience!

God's Gift

God's Gift really couldn’t have more of an appropriate name, as it’s the perfect strain for making you appreciate just how gorgeous everything is during the springtime. Even if you’re not normally a believer, this is the kind of strain that brings on a near-religious experience for even the most hardened sceptics.Sweet, earthy and with a gorgeous grape flavour, God's Gift has a THC content of up to 22% and takes no prisoners. An excellent indoor smoke, but a strain that really shows its stuff when enjoyed in the great outdoors.

Jesus OG

Sticking with the religious theme, Jesus OG is a real miracle in the making.Characterised by its pronounced citrus flavour with a diesel undertone, Jesus OG delivers a powerful body stone with next to no cerebral impact whatsoever. So while your body’s taken to a place of deep relaxation and tranquillity, your brain remains free to do its thing as normal. Once again, this makes Jesus OG the perfect strain for vegging-out under springtime skies and in those balmy evenings you wish could last forever.

Lamb's Breath

We’ve always been huge fans of Lamb's Breath, and what could be more synonymous with the season than the springtime lamb? Along with its delightfully refreshing pine-tinged flavour, Lamb's Breath is famous for bringing on a near-overwhelming sense of creativity and inspiration. Just as spring sees the world blossom into glorious bloom, your own creative processes and motivation will do likewise after a few hits. An excellent strain when you need to get things done, and have a great time doing them.


Last but not least, Snowcap is one of the best strains out there for breathing at least a little enjoyment into even the most joyless of tasks. Hence, it’s the ideal strain to reach for if you’re planning on tackling those long-overdue spring cleaning jobs. With THC concentrations topping out at around 15%, the high is punchy enough to keep you energised but also delightfully controllable. A super-delicious strain you’ll never tire of toking.

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