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Smoke More Cannabis, Drink Less Booze – You Won’t Regret It!

Smoke More Cannabis, Drink Less Booze – You Won’t Regret It!

By Grow How

Just to get one thing out of the way, smoking more anything just for the sake of it isn’t a good idea. Contrary to what the title of this article may suggest, what’s actually being suggested is to perhaps substitute booze for a little extra weed where possible. After all, if science says it’s a good idea…well, you can probably figure out the rest!


But there’s also a fair bit of common sense to the idea, too. So if you’re the type that’s prone to hitting the bottle hard and are open to a little experimentation, here’s a quick rundown of just a few reasons why you might want to start drinking less and smoking more:


1. Avoid Killer Hangovers
First of all, there’s nothing better than booze itself to give you a clear message about how awful for you it really is. When you think about it, how would you normally react if you suddenly developed the symptoms of a killer hangover, despite having not touched a drop? Chances are you’d think you needed urgent medical attention…alcohol hangovers are the worst! True, cannabis hangovers do exist, but even at their worst are about 5% as incapacitating as big-time booze hangovers.


2. It's Not Killing Your Liver
One thing the world as a whole knows about though seems to largely ignore is the fact that alcohol is public enemy number-one for your liver. Which is a pretty big problem given that a) you do need your liver in order to live and b) you only have one of them. Sure, you won’t see the damage until things get really bad, but by that time it’s usually too late. Cannabis has no impact on your liver at all and is considered exponentially safer by doctors and scientists alike.


3. You Won’t Need the Toilet Every Three Minutes
It’s the scenario every drinker knows and laments quite enormously. You might know it yourself – having to run to the bathroom every few minutes and spending half of the night where you’d really prefer not to be. By contrast, those who hit the cannabis hard tend to be the types that nurse a single glass of beer for the whole evening. Less time peeing, more time doing whatever it is you’re actually enjoying about the evening…as opposed to queuing for the bathroom.


4. You Can't Fatally Overdose On It
Contrary to the nonsensical cries of critics, there has never in the course of recorded history been a single instance where a human death has been attributed to cannabis overdose. It doesn’t happen for the simple reason that realistically, it can’t happen. Not by way of ingesting the stuff the normal way, anyway, as you’d need to take in an impossible amount in a short space of time that’s well and truly out of the question. By contrast, alcohol is one of the biggest killers in the world and alcohol poisoning can see you dead and gone in less than five minutes. Something to think about, right?


5. You Won’t Get Into Fights
It’s hard to get motivated to do much at all in the midst of a heavy smoking session, let alone get into a fight with anyone. Whoever you are and whatever your temperament, science and indeed experience have shown us time and time again that the more weed you smoke, the more useless you end up when it comes to putting up. Which means you won’t…you’ll stay nicely on the peaceful side of the social spectrum.


6. You’ll Still Be Able to Perform
Last but not least, cannabis is being referred to in many circles right now as ‘the new Viagra’ only better. Booze on the other hand…well, there’s nothing in the world that can stunt your performance and enjoyment quite like one too many drinks. Try both and compare the two – chances are you’ll never look at your chosen evening ‘enhancements’ the same way again!


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