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Steps For Growing Marijuana Indoors

Steps For Growing Marijuana Indoors

By Colorado Chaman

Marijuana is proven to provide a slew of benefits to a number of types of patients. Those suffering from incessant pain can acquire greast relief with the help of this analgesic. Cancer patients are often prescribed marijuana in order to ease pain and suffering. Mentally ill patients who are diagnosed with compulsive disorders, anxiety issues and clinical depression can significantly alleviate their symptoms with the help of this herb. From time immemorial man has been cultivating this plant to reap its health-related benefits. Many consumers are quickly realizing that growing the crop provides a plethora of benefits, chiefly its ease of accessibility and great cost savings. Those wishing to try their hand at growing marijuana indoors can take the assistance of the following simple steps:

Step 1- Assigning a place to grow

It is imperative to assign a room indoors to grow the herb. The space should be light proof and with good ventilation to allow air flow. Some people grow in cupboard or wardrobes and some cultivators even use tents as they allow complete control of the growing environment. Whether you choose a room or a smaller grow space keep the space free for the purpose of only cultivating the crop.

Step 2- Choosing between soil and hydro/aeroponic systems

Cannabis can either grow well in soil or using a hydroponic (or aeroponic) system. For amateur growers, it is highly advisable to use soil instead of a hydroponic system as features such as electrical conductivity need to be taken care of. Soil that is of superior quality works best, but due to budget constraints many may opt for low-grade ones. Even if a cultivator opts for this, addition of nutrients or at least thirty percent perlite is imperative in order to enhance soil aeration. Remember, the higher the quality, the more you add nutrients, the better the harvest. Although as long as the roots of the herb obtain oxygen and nutrients it will grow but the quality may be questionable.

Step 3- The grow room

When opting for growing Cannabis indoors, the grow room is the most important component of the process. The environment must be conducive to growth. The temperature should be around twenty five degree centigrade which is optimal to achieve a good yield. LED lights or HPS lighting are essential so that the crops can mature quickly. If a grower uses a tent or other enclosed space it is esential to create airflow as the herb requires a constant supply of fresh carbon dioxide from the air. Carbon filters can help in removing the smell of growing marijuana from your exhaust whilst allowing extractor fans to provide clean air at regular intervals.

Step 4- Selecting the seed

As the common English saying goes, with Cannabis it's ‘different strokes for different folks’; every consumer will have his or her preference towards a particular marijuana strain. For medical consumption, a combination of Indica and Sativa are highly recommended for their variety of efffects so you should select one in accordance to your condition and symptoms. There are many websites that sella wide variety of such as SeedSupreme Seed Bank. On this website you can choose from regular, feminized and auto-flowering seed varieties in order to grow plants with luscious, succulent buds that are perfect for your particular need.

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