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Stop Blaming Pot For Your Laziness…!

Stop Blaming Pot For Your Laziness…!

By Lisa Mortown

For generations now, the cliché image of the lazy stoner has been done to death. The only problem being that far too many followers of the cannabis lifestyle seem to have started believing the whole thing themselves.

You develop a taste for cannabis, find yourself getting a little on the bone-idle side and understandably start to enjoy it all. And as it’s the cannabis that’s led you down this path, the cannabis gets the blame. No worries for a few weeks, months or even years as a youngster, but what about the time comes when you think “Hey…I really need to get my ass in gear and do something!”

When this happens, you might find yourself thinking it’s a case of kicking the cannabis entirely and shifting up a gear, or accepting your ‘fate’ as it stands right now. When in reality, you’re kidding yourself in a big way. Not to mention, selling yourself short.

The simple fact of the matter is that cannabis never has been and never will be an excuse or even a valid catalyst for laziness. Instead, it’s all about the attitudes and approaches of those hitting the stuff.

Think of it this way – if cannabis really did make people lazy and apathetic, no stoner or pot fan would ever have become successful. Instead, they’d be stuck to their couches blaming the bud and uttering the same “Yeah maybe tomorrow…” promise, day after day. Not only does cannabis not inherently make you lazy, but it can actually be used to spike your energy levels, inspire creativity and motivate you to do great things.

Seriously…no excuses!

So if you’re finding it difficult to balance the stoner way of life with a more productive, active and satisfying lifestyle in general, there are really just three things you need to do to make a change for the better:

Start Smoking the Right Strains
First up, stop buying just any old random crap you can get your hands on, just because it’s easy or cheap to get hold of. The type of cannabis you smoke can and will have a massive impact on your life and your lifestyle in general. Some strains will have you stuck to the couch and feeling as if walking as far as the kitchen is too much to bother with – others will have you reaching for the stars. So it’s a case of thinking about what you need and making it happen. More energy, more creativity, a more get-up-and-go attitude – it’s all there in the strains you choose. It’s just that far too many stoners are happy to smoke whatever’s in the bag they get handed, regardless of what it might be.

Decide When You Will and Won’t Smoke
Instead of treating each and every day as one long stoner marathon or challenge, see if you can get into the habit of smoking on a more regimented basis. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not necessary to smoke continuously from morning ‘til night to hold onto your buzz. If anything, doing so will simply increase your tolerance and you’ll have to smoke more and more to get the same enjoyment out of it. Build yourself something of a schedule and stick to it. Factoring in the way in which certain strains are better for certain times of day, activities, responsibilities and so on. Whatever you want to do, there’s a way of fitting a solid smoking schedule alongside it. You simply need to work on it proactively, rather than simply expecting it to fall into your lap.

Consider Your Social Circles
Last but not least, you might also want to consider whether it’s those you’re spending your time with that are making it difficult for you to break out of your current habits/rut. It’s hard to get motivated and change your lifestyle in general if around 99% of those you hang around with are quite content to just keep things as they are. It’s not a case of cutting off from these types completely, but rather one of being a little more strategic as to where, when and how often you see them. Not an easy job, but a necessary one if you’re genuinely interested in pulling your finger out and getting moving!

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