Having the THC tolerance of a tyrannosaurus is no laughing matter. Some treat being able to handle high-THC weed as the ultimate bragging right, but there is a point where it becomes problematic. 

It’s one thing to handle your weed like a pro - it’s something else entirely to genuinely struggle to get high.

One option when your tolerance becomes excessive is to take a tolerance break.  This is where you strategically and gradually lower your tolerance of the time, in order to feel a much more potent hit when you start back up again.

But before going to these kinds of extremes, most prefer to simply try their luck with strong weed. If the generic stuff on the table isn’t getting the job done, why not put your tolerance to the test with something stronger?

THC is the main indicator of the strain’s potency, but there are some specimens with modest-seeming THC concentrations that pack a serious punch.  Detailed below, you’ll find a selection of some of the most potent and tolerance-testing strains money can buy right now:


Girl Scout Cookies - THC Average of 19%

Illustrating the point perfectly, Girl Scout Cookies is never going to win any awards for its THC. Nevertheless, a few generous tokes of this stuff and it becomes difficult to function like a human being, or even walk in a straight line. GSC combines soaring euphoria with the kind of body stone that turns you into a mass of quivering pudding from head to toe. All with the added benefit of a fragrance and flavor profile that’s the stuff dreams are made of.


Kosher Kush - THC Average of 20%

This stuff has picked up more prestigious awards over the past decade than a dozen comparable strains. Stepping things up with a THC content of around 20%, Kosher Kush is notorious for bringing on an almost anesthetic-like numbness. Couch-lock is more or less guaranteed, during which a bewildering out-of-body experience is also far from off the cards. Definitely one to be approached with caution (or avoided entirely) by newcomers.


Bruce Banner - THC Average of 23%

There are spinoffs and descendants of Bruce Banner that edge tantalisingly close to 30% THC. Nevertheless, there’s really nothing like the original to take you on the ride of a lifetime. Winner of multiple Cannabis Cup Awards, Bruce Banner gets to work on body and brain like a sledgehammer. The soaring dizziness of the initial cerebral uplift is more than many can handle, quickly followed by hour after hour of incapacitation and loss of almost all motor functions.


Ghost Train Haze - THC Average of 18%

Right at the opposite end of the scale, this is the kind of stuff you turn to when in need of energy and motivation. Though with Ghost Train Haze, it’s a little too easy to take things over the edge and find yourself feeling like a firework that’s just been lit. It’s an explosive and exceptionally energetic experience, which in small doses can be great for daytime use. This is another strain that demonstrates how THC isn’t everything - 18% goes a long way.


Chemdawg - THC Average of 19%

Last up, Chemdawg earns an honorable mention for being the epitome of an all-time classic. Chemdawg gets to work in seconds with wave after wave of inspired creativity, eliminating every last shred of stress and worry. Fragrant, flavorful and bursting with positive vibes, Chemdawg never fails to put smiles on the faces of even the most THC tolerant tokers. 

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