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Super Sexy Strains for Valentine’s Day

Super Sexy Strains for Valentine’s Day

By Grow How

There’s no time quite like Valentine’s Day to perpetuate the same cheesy clichés we all secretly lament. Order up all the oysters and chocolates you like, but if you’re interested in an aphrodisiac that actually works, you need some quality cannabis in your life!

A good batch of weed can have more potency in the bedroom than all the synthetic sexual enhancement products in the world. It’s simply a case of knowing which strain to go for.

Indica Vs Sativa For Sex

Theoretically, both Indica and Sativa cannabis can inject something seriously special into your bedroom gymnastics.

On the Indica side of things, gently hitting a quality strain can instil the kind of blissful tranquillity and relaxation that makes for an evening you’ll never forget.Nevertheless, take it too far and you could be looking at the kind of incapacitation that makes it impossible to do business…or anything at all.

As for Sativa cannabis, a decent hit is just the ticket for delivering not only a burst of energy, but the kind of cerebral and even psychedelic uplift that can make sex mind-blowing. The only problem being that too much Sativa can lead to such an overwhelming effect upstairs that nothing happens downstairs. So once again, moderation is your best friend.

Sexy Strains to Try Out

So the perfect strain for Valentine’s Day is a strain that heightens your energy levels, your perceptions, your senses and your confidence, without taking you over the edge. The good news being that there’s a ton of top-notch strains to choose from, which are all-but guaranteed to get the job done.

If you’d prefer not to take your chances with an unknown, stick with one of the following tried and tested favourites for romantic types:

Dream Queen

This is the ideal strain for creating an ambience similar to that of a relaxing and romantic picnic in the great outdoors. The fruity and earthy aroma sets the tone for what’s to come, after which the Sativa-heavy effects of this hybrid will give you the energy and focus you need to make things happen in a big way. You can also expect a generously long-lasting high - all the better for both of you!

Super Sour Diesel

It might not be quite as dreamily aromatic as its counterpart above, but Super Sour Diesel is notorious for getting those creative juices flowing. And as we all know, a little creativity in the bedroom from time to time goes a long way! You’ll need very little Super Sour Diesel to set the wheels in motion, due to its seriously generous THC content. Approach with caution and you can expect your inhibitions to disappear in an instant.

Granddaddy Purple

Fabulous, fruity and an absolute firecracker in the bedroom, Granddaddy Purple is the ultimate mood-enhancer for romantic types. An Indica-dominant hybrid, you can expect the perfect combination of complete relaxation and heightened sensory perception from head to toe. Everything you’d normally feel is amplified exponentially, as time appears to slow down to a dreamy and blissful crawl.

Ultimate Trainwreck

Long story short with this one, Ultimate Trainwreck provides the kind of euphoric hit that can make even a quick blast in the bedroom the unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Seriously - a couple of hits of Ultimate Trainwreck and you really won’t know what’s hit you.


Last but not least, it’s all about going with the flow with this aptly-entitle Sativa-heavy hybrid. Great for boosting both creativity and stamina, meaning you’ll probably want to clear at least a few hours in your schedule if you intend to bring it into the bedroom. Unlike Ultimate Trainwreck, it’s all about going the distance with Flo and taking your time.

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