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Sweet Dreams: Five Cannabis Strains to Aid Restful Sleep

Sweet Dreams: Five Cannabis Strains to Aid Restful Sleep

By Grow How

All over the world, big-name pharmaceutical companies are doing their all to sell you an endless range of chemicals to help you sleep at night. The way we see it, anyone looking to enjoy a peaceful, restful and healthy night’s sleep would be far better off looking at the natural means available to them, rather than the usual chemical cocktails.


It might be a while before the average Joe can buy marijuana seeds in the United Kingdom and legally do anything useful with them. Still, those fortunate enough to reside in more open-minded regions are free to revel in all of pot’s prestige and prowess – be it for good times, stress-reduction or fighting a bout of temporary insomnia.


Though there are plenty of types of cannabis that help prompt a good night’s sleep, indica-dominant cannabis tends to be the best for this job. It’s estimated that up to 50% of people will from time to time struggle with insomnia – and the medical community is still struggling to come up with something safe, effective and free from worrying side-effects.


Does it already exist in the form of marijuana? Some would certainly say so. We reckon that if you try out any of the following strains for yourself, you’ll no doubt find that the killer night’s sleep you’ve been craving was just a joint or two away:


Blue Cheese

Bringing together UK Cheese and Blueberry resulted in the creation of a world-renowned weed strain for well and truly relaxing tired muscles. Starting these plants from pot seeds is relatively easy and harvesting is possible after around 60 days of flowering. Widely used as a chronic pain treatment, Blue Cheese has an immediate and significant relaxing and sedating effect on the body and mind in equal measures. The fact that it is also famed for its gorgeous aromas and taste simply serves as a welcome bonus!


Northern Lights

If you’re out for the kind of smoke that basically lets gravity take over and results in guaranteed ‘couch-lock’, then chances are you won’t go wrong with Northern Lights. Another internationally recognised strain, Northern Lights is a fantastic choice for heavy relaxation though it doesn’t tick many social boxes when consumed in large quantities. If you’re looking to be put quite dreamily on your back and drift off into a hazy abyss of total relaxation, it’s definitely worth your time.



One of the biggest bonuses for those who set up a growing effort with Critical is its promise of supremely high yields. In fact, just 7 weeks of flowering can lead to a pretty mind-blowing yield of up to 600g/m². In terms of its effects, Critical has indeed earned critical acclaim across the weed community for its ability to serve as a base for all manner of sleep remedies. Not that you have to be too creative – just give it a shot on its own and you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about.


OG Kush

Another highly generous strain that never fails to deliver huge yields after about 8 weeks of flowering, OG Kush is a supremely popular strain from Northern California. Often the go-to for stoners looking to work on their sleeping habits, OG Kush delivers a strong yet not overpowering effect that brings both body and mind into a state of real tranquillity. Its relaxing properties can be felt in an instant and only continue to intensify over time.


Royal Domina

Last but not least, if you can get your hands on an order of Royal Domina (or buy marijuana seeds to grow your own), sleeplessness really isn’t an option. Above and beyond each of the strains listed above, Royal Domina tops the table when it comes to seriously deep relaxation. A few hits and you’re well on your way to the rest you’ve been craving. If this Spanish strain doesn’t work for you, chances are there isn’t any cannabis on Earth that will!


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