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Synthetic Marijuana Q&A – Part Two

Synthetic Marijuana Q&A – Part Two

By Grow How

As you’ll probably know, we recently decided to delve once again into the sketchy subject of synthetic marijuana, in order to help clear up some of the confusion out there. So as promised, here is the second half of our two-part Q&A, answering the most important questions and clarifying what’s really going on:


Q – Is The Media Blowing It All Out Of Proportion?

Certainly a valid question and one that isn’t without warrant. As is always the case, the mass media isn’t exactly in the habit of reporting on all the good times people have every second of every day while using recreational drugs. Instead, it’s a case of painting a one-sided picture about the dangers and horrors of substance abuse. But at the same time, there’s absolutely no disputing the hard facts and statistics that have been gathered and shared. Synthetic marijuana use has in so many regions lead to an extraordinary spike in emergency room visits, which in many cases have involved individuals in quite desperately dangerous situations. So while synthetic marijuana isn’t quite breeding a terrifying global health crisis like crack cocaine, heroin or crystal meth, it certainly doesn’t seem to be doing people any good either.


Q - Are There Any Health Benefits To Synthetic Cannabis?

Remaining with the same theme, the simple fact of the matter is that synthetic cannabis has not been around for long enough for sufficient evidence to be gathered and analysed with regard to its long-term effects on the health. Not only this, but the fact that there are literally thousands of different types of synthetic cannabis making it fundamentally impossible to come to any real conclusions. Nevertheless, initial evidence suggests that while real marijuana can be enormously beneficial in a variety of ways, smoking toxic manmade chemicals is quite to the contrary.


Q – If It’s So Bad, Why Is It So Popular?

Quite simply, because it’s so readily available and cheap. The fact that you can pick it up anywhere and for extraordinarily low prices breeds something of a false sense of security and the impression that it is harmless. And of course, there will always be a relatively large contingency of people who will actively tell you that they genuinely love the stuff and its effects.


Q – If It’s So Bad, Why Is It Legally Available?

As is the case with all legal highs, keeping synthetic marijuana one step ahead of the law is technically pretty easy. The long and short of it being that all you really have to do is make a microscopic adjustment to the formula of a banned or controlled substance to effectively come up with a brand new substance that hasn’t yet been made illegal. And once that particular product has been made illegal, they simply make a few changes and launch it under a new name.


Q – So The Authorities Are Fighting a Losing Battle?

They were for some time, though have started introducing legislation which states that substances that are ‘extremely similar’ to substances that have been banned are subject to the same restrictions as the banned substances. It’s all still very much a grey area and chances are the manufacturers will find ways of staying one step ahead of the game. Nevertheless, the authorities have made it clear that they do not intend to stand idly by and let the practice continue.


Q – Is It Worth Trying the Stuff, Just to See What All The Fuss Is About?

Speaking from a purely common sense perspective, the answer is no. Why?  Well, quite simply for the reason that regardless of what brand you buy or how much you pay for it, you technically have absolutely no idea what has gone into its manufacture. And as you have no idea what has gone into it, you have no idea what it will be up to you or whether it is safe. Not only this, but it is fundamentally impossible for synthetic marijuana to recreate even 1% of the supremely pleasurable high you would normally expect from real marijuana.


Which in turn means that if you are planning to get high, it simply makes complete and total sense to get high using the good stuff.






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