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Pot Profiles: Harlequin
Delightfully rare and difficult to come by, Harlequin is a fabulous hybrid with near-legendary...
Super Sexy Strains for Valentine’s Day
There’s no time quite like Valentine’s Day to perpetuate the same cheesy clichés we all secretly...
Pot Profiles: Pineapple Express
Chances are, you’ve already put Pineapple Express through its paces on more than a few occasions....
A Taste of the Tropics: Five Fruity Strains You Need in Your Life
Most decent cannabis strains are flavourful, but just a select few deliver a true taste of the...
Pot Profiles: ACDC
With a name like ACDC, you’d expect to be looking at one of the hardest and heaviest cannabis strains on the market. In reality, it’s actually right at the opposite end of the scale. ACDC boasts...
Pot Profiles: Apple Kush
Boasting a beautiful fruity flavour bettered only by its blissful high, Apple Kush is a firm...
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