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Taking Cannabis Edibles to the Next Level

Taking Cannabis Edibles to the Next Level

By Grow How

In some respects, the classic pot brownie is the single most important and fantastic example of a cannabis edible. In others however, it is pretty much the worst thing ever to come out of the cannabis edibles camp. Why? Well, quite simply because they are so incredibly decadent and delicious that they are quite often the only marijuana edible the vast majority of stoners bother with. Which is true to such an extent that brownies are edging close to becoming boring and have already become rather cliché.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be worthy of the next Masterchef trophy to cook up a whole world of incredible things infused with cannabis.  The key to really getting the most out of cannabis edibles lies in first whipping yourself up a batch of cannabutter or cannabis oil, which can then be used to make almost anything you can think of.


And if you’re having trouble deciding where to start, the following suggestions are certainly proving popular in connoisseur circles right now:


Salad Dressings

One of the very best ways of putting something seriously healthy into your body and getting a serious kick at the same time. Given the fact that olive oil forms the base of the vast majority of salad dressings, you pretty much have free rein with this one with regard to what you can create. It could be as simple as some cannabis oil mixed with balsamic vinegar, or you could take it one step further by making your own cannabis-infused mayo.



One excellent alternative to brownies if you happen to be hooked on chocolate is fudge – quite simply brilliant as a cannabis edible. There are plenty of recipes out there which include the use of butter, oil or both, not to mention a wide variety of other ingredients, essences and flavourings. Chocolate-orange and mint variations always go down a treat.



There’s plenty of scope for experimentation when it comes to pancakes, so feel free to try a few approaches out. You can make normal pancakes and simply top them with a lump of cannabis butter, you can use cannabis butter/oil in the mixture itself or you can do both. And then there’s every sweet and savoury topping in the world to go well and truly nuts with.



To make a proper toasty, you need to smear a lavish serving of butter on the outside of the bread. As such, there’s really no simpler meal or more appropriate use for a chunk of your awesome cannabutter. But at the same time, there’s also nothing to stop you replacing normal butter with cannabutter with every type of sandwich you make.



If you’ve never made one of these bad boys before, we highly recommend trying it out for the first time using cannabutter. It’s basically the same story as with the toasty, only in this case you are toasting a tortilla in a pan using butter.


Macaroni Cheese

Take a leaf from the book of the Yanks and knock yourself up the most decadent macaroni cheese with plenty of bacon and maybe some crispy fried onions to give it some crunch. To take it to the next level, be sure to put a liberal serving of cannabutter with the cheese while you are making the sauce.



Speaking of sauces, absolutely any recipes that you have which include butter or oil are fair game when it comes to creating seriously creative marijuana edibles.  From dipping sauces to pizza sauce to the white sauce in your lasagna, the list goes on and on.


Biscuits and Cakes

Last but not least, the same also goes for every biscuit and cake in existence for which a primary ingredient is butter or oil. Knock yourself up a batch of your favourites, store them away and have yourself a handy snack at arm’s reach anytime you get the craving for something awesome.


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