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THC in the Water Supply? Yeah Right – Dream On, Hugo!

THC in the Water Supply? Yeah Right – Dream On, Hugo!

By Grow How

If your entire life pretty much revolves around cannabis, the idea of THC being added to your town’s water supply would probably come across as too good to be true. After all, it’s not as if we’re ever likely to live to see an era where on-tap THC becomes not only the norm, but made available 100% free of charge.


However, you may or may not have heard a story in the press over the last couple of weeks regarding a certain town in Colorado, where this incredibly unlikely eventuality apparently became a reality. The town of Hugo hit the headlines both across the United States and worldwide after tests of the tap water provided locally apparently tested positive for signs of THC.


Unsurprisingly, the finding sent shockwaves across the local community and according to the mayor himself “blew his mind” when he found out. A criminal investigation was immediately launched by the Lincoln County sheriff’s office, in order to find out exactly how such a bizarre scenario could have possibly played out. 


Given the fact that most of the residents of Hugo were not particularly happy with the idea of consuming THC all day and every day, local authorities made the decision to begin handing out bottled water. An official warning was published instructing anyone living in the locality to stay away from tap water until further notice, with additional tests having been ordered.


It all kicked off when a local company was carrying out random cannabis tests on its employees, only to find that the results were coming back entirely inconsistent and largely inexplicable. They ordered for a vial of tap water to be tested for anything out of the ordinary, only for the tests to come back positive for THC. Experts were of course extremely sceptical as to whether or not it was even possible for there to be any THC in the water supply whatsoever, but the warning still went out and the public was advised to stay well away from tap water for as long as necessary.


As of now however, the warning has been retracted entirely - given the fact that further intensive tests carried out on the water supply have shown absolutely no evidence whatsoever of THC. Which stands to reason, when you consider the likelihood and possibility of THC making its way into any kind of water supply in the first place.


First of all - and as argued by Lincoln County health officer Dr John Fox – it would take such a ridiculous amount of cannabis to contaminate the water supply that it is not the kind of thing that could realistically happen. What he was referring to was the amount of cannabis than would have to be thrown directly into a town’s water supply for it to have any impact whatsoever on those consuming it – even so much has the slightest semblance of a buzz.


Above and beyond this however, experts also hit back at the very notion of the water supply being contaminated, with the scientific fact that cannabinoids cannot possibly make their way into water. The reason being that CBD and THC are both fundamentally not soluble in water, which in turn means that from a scientific perspective, the chance of THC ending up in the water supply of any town is zero. Nevertheless, it took a public health scare, a warning not to drink tap water and plenty of scientific tests for the town of Hugo to figure this out.


Even in the face of all of this, the local sheriff’s office has confirmed that the criminal investigation with regard to possible cannabis contamination of the water supply is still on-going.


Good luck with that one guys…you might just need it!


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