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The 10 Unbreakable Rules of Joint Smoking

The 10 Unbreakable Rules of Joint Smoking

By Lisa Mortown

Everyone loses sight of classic joint smoking etiquette from time to time. Hence, it’s always worth an occasional reminder of what to do and what not to do in social situations that involve weed.

The way you roll and smoke joints when you’re on your own is entirely up to you. When sharing joints with other people, you need to keep yourself in check.

Whether it’s the friends you’ve had your whole life or a bunch of folks you’re smoking with for the first time, here are the 10 unbreakable rules of joint smoking every self-respecting stoner should live by:

Respect Rolling Seniority

By this, we don’t mean expecting the most senior and capable roller in the group to build every single blunt. Instead, we mean accepting your own limitations and passing on the job if you’re fatally terrible at it. In which case, you also owe it to your nearest and dearest to practice and improve your joint rolling skills.

Learn to Hurry Up

When the responsibility does fall with you, don’t get so lost in ‘meaningful’ conversation that it ends up taking you the best part of an hour to get the job done. It’s a serious responsibility and one that deserves your complete focus. There’s really nothing worse than waiting endlessly for someone to finish rolling, who seems far too busy talking utter crap to care.

Don’t Attempt Free Rides

Far too many people are all too happy to join the rotation without ever contributing a penny. They never buy their own and nor do they put anything toward the weed being passed around. We all know at least one or two people like that…shame on you if it happens to be you. Buy or grow some good weed, contribute fairly and pay your debts on time.

Rollers’ Rights

Whoever rolls the joint has the honour of lighting and hitting it. Irrespective of how terrible the resulting joint is or how long they took to roll it, they’ve still got rollers’ rights. Under no circumstances should a freshly rolled joint be snatched out of the hands of the roller and lit by someone else in the rotation.

Puff, Puff, Pass

Two hits and pass…that’s your lot. Again, it really doesn’t matter who rolled it or even who paid for it. Unless you already have a bunch of unwritten rules you and your friends go by, this is the way to do things. Even a cheeky third toke as you pass the joint along could earn you a bad reputation.

Ash Before You Pass

Likewise, it’s also your responsibility to ash the joint before you pass it. If it falls on the recipient’s clothes or any nearby furniture, it’s your fault – not theirs.

Less Talking, More Toking

With all eyes on the joint, it can be tempting to start talking incessantly while the spotlight is on you. Don’t do it – it’s rude to make the rest of the rotation wait while you finish your speech. Puff, pass then continue whatever it was you were talking about.

Don’t Mess up the Rotation

If it happens accidentally, it’s bad enough. If you go against the rotation on purpose, it’s another thing entirely. However the rotation starts is the way it should continue – no questions and no exceptions.

Carefully Exhale

Always assume that when you take a heavy hit, there’s at least a modest chance you could end up coughing out a lungful of smoke in seconds. Whether exhaling in a controlled manner or coughing your lungs up, try not to do it in anyone else’s face.

Don’t Pass the Roach

Last but not least, don’t insult the person next to you by passing a joint that’s clearly dead and destined for the ashtray. If it’s on its last legs, put it out and get busy with the next one.

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