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The CBD Product Market: Science or Snake Oil?

The CBD Product Market: Science or Snake Oil?

By Grow How

History is rife with tales of snake oil salesmen duping thousands, even millions into buying products they don’t really need. Products which, in most instances, have absolutely no beneficial properties whatsoever. It’s just that while some of these sellers have been dodgy backstreet dealers operating independently, others have been enormous national and international companies.

Recent years have seen the market for CBD products explode in terms of popularity, value and variety. From chronic pain to depression to insomnia to anxiety, manufacturers of all shapes and sizes are claiming their CBD products can work miracles. All with the near-total elimination of THC, enabling them to be sold legally and with no risk of psychoactive effects.

At the same time, a growing audience of critics is advising a degree of caution.If not, outright scepticism. The reason being that while some are focusing on the science of CBD, others are going well and truly OTT with the most ridiculous concepts ever invented.

One example of which being the recently introduced CBD-infused pillowcase, which could possibly be the most bizarre CBD product to date. Not to mention, one that has absolutely no scientific backing or approval whatsoever.

Unsurprisingly, we find ourselves knee deep in a dilemma. With such an extensive array of weird and wonderful products doing the rounds, you can’t help but wonder whether the whole CBD thing is simply gimmick. But if it is, why are so many scientists worldwide saluting and celebrating its wide-reaching medical properties?

A Question of Quality

As far as the scientific community is concerned, the answer is relatively simple.Even at this late stage, we’ve really only just begun to scratch the surface, with regard to the therapeutic properties of cannabis. CBD being one of the most prolific cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, alongside its psychoactive cousin, THC.

From scientific studies to anecdotal evidence from millions of people worldwide, all signs point to CBD having wide-reaching therapeutic applications. No specific or universally agreed conclusions have yet been reached, other than the general consensus that CBD is safe to consume with little to no risk of side-effects.

All of which has resulted in a growing contingency of producers and sellers taking advantage of the hype. Tens of millions of people have already reached their own conclusions on CBD, and begun the process of bringing it into their lives. In response, manufacturers are flooding the market with a dynamic and dizzying array of products.

But here’s the thing - not all CBD products are of the same high-quality standard.

Approach with Caution

Right at the top of the table, you have the reputable and responsible CBD product manufacturers, which actually care about quality. They extract premium-grade CBD from healthy cannabis plants, produce products of high potency and provide helpful information.

Further down the ladder, you have those who produce and sell pure garbage. Cannabis ‘infused’ products with no more than a trace of CBD in their composition, which also tends to be the lowest-grade CBD money can buy.Nevertheless, high-impact marketing materials and impressive claims can make such products just as appealing to the unsuspecting buyer.

It’s worth remembering that at this stage in the CBD research process, manufacturers need to be extremely careful with the assurances they offer. In the United Kingdom, for example, it’s still illegal to claim any CBD product is medically beneficial as its producer, distributor or marketer. Hence, any sellers making these kinds of claims to fame simply aren’t playing by the rules.

Roughly summarised, therefore, it’s a tale of two halves. One half of the CBD market focusing on pure science, the other populated by the kinds of snake oil salesmen who’ll tell you anything to get their hands on your money.

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