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The Myths of Second-Hand Cannabis Smoke, Burned

The Myths of Second-Hand Cannabis Smoke, Burned

By Lisa Mortown

Everyone has their own unique theories and assumptions regarding second-hand cannabis smoke. Nevertheless, there’s a big difference between theories, assumptions and reality.

In fact, you may find that some of your longest-standing beliefs on the subject are actually way off the mark. So if you’d like to know the truth about second-hand cannabis smoke, here are three huge myths not to buy into:

1.Second-hand cannabis smoke gets you high
Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case at all. We’ve all done it – buried our heads in a cloud of mouth-watering fog in hope of getting a little bit baked for free. The problem being that the second-hand smoke you’re inhaling doesn’t contain nearly enough THC to have any noticeable effect whatsoever.

This is because the human body is incredibly efficient with its absorption of cannabis compounds. By the time the smoke hits the lungs, the vast majority of THC, CBD and so on has made its way exactly where it needs to be. As a result, the smoke you exhale contains only trace amounts of these cannabis compounds. Nowhere near the concentrations necessary to get a buzz.

Nevertheless, the smell, taste and even the sight of cannabis smoke can be enough to fool your brain into thinking you’re getting high. Hence, you might succumb to the placebo affect, but you won’t actually be getting high.

2.If you set up a hotbox, it’s a different story
Sadly not, as there still isn’t sufficient THC in the cannabis you exhale to get you or anyone else high. You’ll certainly be in for a head-spinning experience if you set up a hotbox, but perhaps not for the reasons you think.

As mentioned above, the placebo effect alone can be a powerful thing. Not to mention, the fact that you’ll probably be sitting in an environment where there’s not nearly as much oxygen as your brain and body need. So when you get that additional buzz in a smoked-out car with all the windows closed, it’s less the weed doing its thing, more the symptoms of mild asphyxiation.

At the time you exhale, there isn’t enough THC is the smoke to get you high – it really is as simple as that.

3. You can get high from second-had concentrate smoke
In theory, the more THC you inhale, the more you breathe out on the exhale. Hence, if you’re hitting a batch of concentrate with more than 50% THC, then yes – you’re going to be breathing out fairly potent smoke. In this instance though, not nearly enough smoke to have an effect on anyone else around you.

Smoking concentrated forms of cannabis means smoking less of the stuff and producing significantly less smoke as a result. Once again, the vast majority of the THC will be absorbed by your body almost instantly upon inhaling. There will be THC in the smoke you exhale, but not enough to produce a high.

4. Second-hand cannabis smoke can make you fail a drug test
You’re only likely to fail a ‘test’ if you rock up stinking of the stuff and find yourself punished purely by association. An unfair approach, but not uncommon with various employers across the US. As for full-scale cannabis testing, there’s zero evidence to suggest you can fail a drug test as a result of exposure to second-hand cannabis smoke.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that potent second-hand smoke could somehow make its way through your skin and into your bloodstream. Or at least, penetrate your hair enough to see you flunk a hair follicle test. Once again though, there’s nowhere near enough THC in second-hand cannabis smoke for this to occur. So just as long as the test itself is sound and reliable, you’re not going to fail simply due to second-hand smoke exposure.

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