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Three Reasons to Set Up an Outdoor Grow Space

Three Reasons to Set Up an Outdoor Grow Space

By Grow How

For anyone lucky enough to live where cannabis cultivation is legal, spring really is the most magical time of year. Perhaps even more enjoyable than the annual autumn harvest, there’s something uniquely satisfying about getting started on a new outdoor grow.

Still, evidence suggests that the overwhelming majority of home growers stick with indoor cultivation. Some having no access to a suitable outdoor space, others simply preferring the precise control indoor cultivation allows. But whatever the motivation for growing indoors, there are several advantages exclusive to outdoor cannabis cultivation.

Back to Basics

Technically speaking, you could argue that it’s perfectly possible to flawlessly replicate outdoor growing conditions indoors. Which is true, but doing so has a tendency to be difficult and often expensive.

Outdoors, cannabis plants are naturally exposed to near-constant temperature, light and wind fluctuations. Not to mention, the natural provision of key nutrients, excellent drainage and so on. Coupled with limitless horizontal and vertical space, outdoor cannabis plants are free to reach their full potential…which they often do.

It’s therefore unsurprising when purists and traditionalists insist that no cannabis is as potent, aromatic or flavourful as cannabis grown outdoors.Whether or not outdoor cannabis is ‘better’ is purely a matter of personal opinion, but it nonetheless has its fair share of advocates.

In any case, setting up an outdoor grow space can be uniquely advantageous in a variety of ways. So for those considering their first outdoor cultivation project this spring, here are three more good reasons to take the plunge:

1. It’s Better for the Environment

Assuming you’ve no intention of using dangerous pesticides, outdoor cannabis cultivation is significantly better for the environment. The reason being that outdoor cultivation results in a far smaller carbon footprint than indoor cultivation. Rather than using manufactured products and electronic hardware to sustain your plants, they’re provided with everything they need naturally. No electronic lights, no ventilation systems, no timers, no heaters, no dehumidifiers - just nature doing what it does best. In fact, it’s technically possible to cultivate cannabis outdoors with no carbon footprint whatsoever.

2. It’s Cheaper than Growing Indoors

Following the same lines, the fact that nature takes care of almost everything on your behalf means there’s significantly less to buy in the first place. Even picking up a decent lighting rig for an indoor grow space can mean a budget-busting outlay. Once you’ve collected all the gear you’ll need to produce top-shelf cannabis in decent quantities, you could have easily spent four figures.And that’s not including the on-going costs associated with powering your various devices and controllers. Setting up outdoors, almost everything you need is already at your disposal - 100% free of charge.

3. Bigger Plants, Better Yields

If all this wasn’t enough, healthy outdoor cannabis plants will typically grow significantly larger and stronger than their indoor counterparts. What’s more, there are hundreds of superb cannabis strains that produce plants too large to accommodate in any normal indoor space. If the weather conditions are amicable enough, outdoor cultivation almost always results in bigger plants and better yields. All of which adds up to unbeatable value for money - particularly given how it’s a more cost-effective approach in the first place.

Prior to going ahead, be sure to check the legality or otherwise of outdoor cultivation in your area. In addition, it’s always worth keeping your outdoor cannabis crop under wraps - you’ll never be far from at least one shady character out to relieve you of what’s yours.

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