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Turning Bargain Bud Into Something Epic

Turning Bargain Bud Into Something Epic

By Grow How

If you’re lucky enough to live in a region where recreational cannabis is now legal, chances are there’s no shortage of bargains at your local dispensaries. And for those acquiring their cannabis by alternative means in other locations…well, you might likewise occasionally be offered something from the bargain bin.


When presented with a bag of shake – aka the random leftover bits and pieces the seller couldn’t shift at full price – it’s hard not to snap it up. After all, it might not look particularly pretty, but there’s still some serious smoke in there for what could be 50% less than the usual selling price.


The only question being – what to do with it all? Assuming you’ve already got a stockpile of quality bud to smoke, what’s the best way of putting bargain cannabis to good use?


Well, the simple answer is – in a fair few different ways! Give any of the following a try if looking to turn not-the-best cannabis you’ve ever bought into something awesome:


1 – Make Cannabutter
Yes, we know – we bang on about cannabutter all the time. And we’re not ashamed to do so either – it’s just about the most versatile cannabis product you’ll ever cook up. If you follow a quality cannabutter recipe to the letter, you’ll ensure that every last drop of the good stuff is drawn out of the cannabis and preserved in the butter. No matter what’s in your bargain bag of bits, nothing will go to waste. And once you’ve cooked it up, it’ll keep for a good while in the fridge or freezer, giving you all the time in the world to dream up creative ways of putting it to good use.


2 - Make Rosin
If you happen to come across a solid deal on a bag of mixed popcorn nugs, snapping it up would be a very good idea. The reason being that while they might not look particularly attractive, there’s no doubt still a hell of a lot of flavour in there and pretty much everything you need to make yourself some superb hash oil. If you haven’t already tried your hand at the rosin technique, there’s really no easier way of transforming bits and pieces of hash and cannabis into oil for dabbing. All you need is some parchment paper and a cheap hair straightening iron – along with a helpful guide to show you the ropes. Get it right and you’ll come out with an epic product worth at least double the price you paid for the bargain bag.


3 - Make Cannabis Capsules
Contrary to popular belief, setting up your own DIY cannabis capsule factory doesn’t have to be expensive and nor is the process difficult. In the space of just a few hours, it’s perfectly possible to transform either your own cannabis odds and sods or those you bought for a bargain price into pristine capsules you’d usually pay good money for. Invest in a cheap capsule making kit and away you go!


4 – Make a Masterpiece
Last but not least, any discerning smoker will tell you that to use high-quality bud in the creation of wild and wacky joint art is nothing short of a crime. The reason being that while it might look pretty, so much precious smoke goes to waste as efficiency isn’t exactly what joint art is all about. So, why not save your creative vision for times when you’ve a bargain bag of barrel-bottom bud you picked up for next to nothing? At least this way, it won’t be the end of the word if you screw up royally and waste half your stash!



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