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The Daring and the Dumb – Unusual Attempts to Grow Pot on UK Soil

The Daring and the Dumb – Unusual Attempts to Grow Pot on UK Soil

By Grow How

You may or may not have come across a story in the press this week about a particular individual who has been well and truly boasting about growing cannabis in an unusual location. For the time being, growing marijuana in any way, shape or form in the United Kingdom remains 100% illegal. Which in turn means that if you decide to grow cannabis anywhere at all, you take full responsibility for the consequences. It may be entirely unfair and borderline moronic, but still…that’s the way the law often works.


Back to the story in question, this rather plucky person from Worcestershire converted an old nuclear bunker into a fully functioning cannabis farm, with no less than 800 robust plants on the go at the time his premises were raided. The premises themselves were originally constructed in order to provide space for a highly protected airplane engine factory during the Second World War. Nevertheless, the man in question was discovered to have cannabis and cannabis plants on the premises with a total value somewhere in the region of £650,000.


He’s waiting to be sentenced right now, but in the meantime, the media has been revisiting a number of additional stories concerning those that have tried their luck (and failed) in growing cannabis in unusual locations.


For example, just a short time ago police were tipped off by a concerned (spoilsport?) individual that the Worcestershire man in question’s luxurious nine-bedroom mansion in the Cambridgeshire countryside was being used as a cannabis farm. Despite the fact that the property itself was worth well in excess of £1 million at the time, police nonetheless found that its owners have made the decision to cultivate more than 1,000 marijuana plants.


Two men were arrested and taken into custody, with local media having reacted with comprehensive shock having always seen the property as a place of distinction, character and culture. In fact, they even said that it was more like "something you would see in Downton Abbey” than on Crimewatch.


Still, even these guys cannot hold a candle to Adrian James from Nottingham when it comes to the kinds of efforts some people will go to, in order to get one over on British lawmakers. Having decided to convert his own his back garden in St Ann's into a cannabis factory, he realised that it would be better if he kept his activities hidden from view. Which is precisely why he not only invested in a freight shipping container, but also hired a mechanical digger to take an enormous hole in his back garden, bury the container and then connect the garden to his house by way of an underground tunnel.


He clearly took his growing efforts seriously as well, having been found to have set up an extremely advanced hydroponics system that was fully automated for his own convenience. Unfortunately for him, he was visited by local police in October 2011 and found to have cannabis and cannabis plants about the place with a total value somewhere in the region of £86,000.


Last but not least, there was also the tale of a pretty sizable business centre near Scunthorpe where even the police themselves did not know what on earth they were going to do, having come across no less than 4,000 cannabis plants in various stages of growth. They estimated that the value of the haul found at Bellwin House Business Park was somewhere in the region of £4 million – there was so much cannabis it took them almost a week to clear it all out.


They even had to draft in Ministry of Defence police and leading health and safety experts, in order to determine exactly how to remove and get rid of all the stuff, without posing a danger to public health…apparently.



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