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The Big Vape Debate – What’s the Appeal of Weed Vaporizers?

The Big Vape Debate – What’s the Appeal of Weed Vaporizers?

By Grow How

What’s always interesting about bringing up the subject of marijuana vaporizers is the way in which people seem to have such diametrically opposed opinions on their use. Some will tell you, most often lifelong weed smokers and purists, that to go anywhere near such devices lies somewhere between heresy and treason. They say that to smoke is to smoke and if you’re not going to smoke, then you really should not be smoking at all in any way, shape or form. Nevertheless, ask those who are well and truly into this new generation of smoking gadgets and they’ll tell you that vaporizers are the best thing to hit the weed world since the pocket grinder.


So if you were to look at the subject from a strictly objective point of view, exactly what is the appeal and charm of the vaporizer that goes above and beyond standard smoking? Is there any appeal there, or is it just a fad and a toy on the market for hipsters?


Well, first and foremost advocates of this new type of smoking insist that the primary and most important benefit of all is that of doing your health one hell of a favour. Regardless of which way you look at it science has shown us time and time again that when it comes to health and lung health in particular, it is much better for you to inhale vapour than to guzzle down smoke. And it’s not just the difference between burning and vaporizing weed either; if you are one of countless millions who roll joints with a hefty dose of tobacco in there, chances are you are more than aware of how dangerous tobacco smoke is. So when it comes to health benefits, there is really no denying that to use a vaporizer is to do your body a favour – and that’s a proven fact beyond argument.


Another of the appealing factors of the vaporizer is the way in which it makes smoking weed quite incredibly convenient. Rather than having to invest any time or effort in collecting the necessary materials together and finding a nice and quiet place to roll your joints, you’re basically getting the very best from your buds at the push of a button. No matter where you go or what you find yourself doing, the hit you’re looking for is literally just a push of a button away. Of course, as the vast majority of smokers will probably argue quite vigorously, rolling joints is in itself a huge part of the ceremony of enjoying the weed. As such, to remove this part of the process from the smoking process is to rob it of its charm and to make the whole endeavour rather more sterile and less enjoyable.


Discretion also comes into play as there will always be those smokers who in the vast majority of instances would rather not make their activities apparent or obvious. It isn’t like we are living in an age where weed is even remotely as taboo as it was some time ago, but for anything from employment reasons to college and right through to personal family matters, some would rather keep their weed smoking discreet. And while it’s not to say that using a vaporizer is 100% discrete, it is certainly a hell of a lot more discreet than puffing away on a joint.


So in terms of an answer to the question and the solution to the debate, it’s actually pretty simple – why not enjoy the best of both worlds? There’s really nothing to say that you have to stick to one or the other like glue and bad mouth the alternative, when it’s far more enjoyable to have both on hand for when and where circumstances make either a preferable choice.


Long story short, if you have not already invested in a vaporizer or even tried one, you are indeed missing out on something quite fun.


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