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Washington Pot Stores Caught Selling Weed to Minors

Washington Pot Stores Caught Selling Weed to Minors

By Grow How

Take it from us when we say we’re all about the idea of getting as many weed shops (legally!) in business as possible and getting the good stuff out to those who want it. This is what’s been happening for some time in Colorado and Washington, though just when things seem to be not only going pretty well but setting a good example for the rest of us to follow, a few irresponsible morons go and spoil it for everyone.


When it comes to fuelling the fires of those calling legal pot a curse on the world, how about a bunch of licensed stores selling weed to minors to add a little smugness to things?


Seriously…bad move.


It’s all kicking off in Washington right now after state authorities decided to carry out a little ‘test’ to see who was following the rules and who wasn’t. There are only 22 legal pot shops up and running right now, so really anyone could reach the conclusion that they’re all being watched like hawks…which of course they are. Nevertheless, not less than four of them were busted red-handed in the sting, having been caught selling weed to buyers under the state’s minimum age of 21.


Two shops in Tacoma and two in Everett were highlighted as having overstepped the mark, playing right into the hands of those still adamant it’s all a terrible idea…which of course it isn’t. And just when you thought things can’t get any more stupid…get this…the pot shops were all actually WARNED ahead of time that the sting operation was going to be happening, just days before it went into operation. So they knew it was coming and to a large extent they even knew when.


The Liquor Control Board named and shamed Green City Collective and Purple Haze in Everett, along with Mary Mart and Emerald Leaves in Tacoma. Unsurprisingly, none of them have so far been willing to pass any kind of comment on what happened, or answer questions when contacted by the press. Which makes sense…it’s pretty shameful, to say the least.


“We all wanted compliance to be 100 percent,” said liquor board spokesman Brian Smith. “What we hope to get out of this is a spike in compliance by everyone else.”


The liquor board said it way extremely disappointed with the poor performance, but at the same time so too are both the weed-smoking community and those opposed to pot legalisation. Of course, there are plenty out there that are saying it’s far too difficult to identify a 21-year-old from a 19-year-old or a 32-year-old these days, but this is precisely why people are (at least in America) generally expected to carry ID at all times. You check the card, you do as you’re told – simple.


As boring a subject as carding may be, it’s important to remember that in these early months and years of legal pot, critics are looking for any and every excuse that comes their way to lobby for either a full reversal of the decision or at least stricter controls. In either case, it’s the smokers that lose out – exactly why failing to play by the rules deals everyone a bum hand.


In terms of consequences, there’s a chance the stores caught out will face fines of up to $2,500 or could be shut down for up to ten days. It’s a somewhat unprecedented legal matter though, so the outcome could be quite interesting if nothing else.


 “If the counter clerk relies on the door person to check ID, and an illegal sale occurs, both employees are liable for the violation,” the board warned.


“The door person could be charged with allowing a minor to frequent, and the employee who made the sale could be changed with furnishing marijuana to the minor, which is classified as a felony criminal offense.”


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