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Weed Is a Medicinal Marvel – Fact

Weed Is a Medicinal Marvel – Fact

By Grow How

As far as the Drug Enforcement Agency in the United States is concerned, marijuana is a drug that has no accepted medical use and is generally of no benefit to anyone – hence why it’s classed as a schedule 1 drug. Of course, anyone with a brain knows that this is pure bull-crap and the fact that 23 states have legalized medical marijuana pretty much sets the point in stone – the time has come to stop pretending lawmakers are being anything but stubborn.


In the meantime…as in until sense is eventually seen…it’s good to arm yourself with a few facts and figures which can be freely thrust in the collective faces of those who still frown on pot use, even though they don’t have the slightest clue what you’re talking about.


So, next time you’re told by a snobby type who’s never been near a joint in their life that what you’re doing is wrong, feel free to whip one of these out and enjoy shutting them up in their tracks:


Weed Is Used to Treat Glaucoma

Right now, a quite biblical number of glaucoma sufferers are being granted not only a new lease of life, but the opportunity to NOT have their vision taken away thanks to simple medical pot. Glaucoma is a horrible condition where pressure within the eye itself is increased to such a level that it can destroy the optical nerves and ultimately lead to blindness. Weed has proven to be one of the most effective and largely risk-free glaucoma treatments of all and is prescribed without a second thought every hour of every day. It works by relieving occular pressure, thus reducing both the pain suffered and the ongoing damage to the occular nerve system.


Pot Can Reverse Lung Damage Caused by Smoking

This is one that never fails to stick in the craw of anti-pot types without a single clue what they’re actually banging on about. It’s a known fact that the carcinogenic effects of tobacco on the lungs are pretty devastating to say the least – this is what leads to a massively elevated cancer risk in smokers. Well, tests have shown that weed has the very real potential to not only stop this kind of damage, but actually reverse the damage done by smoking tobacco. So, next time you’re told weed is more dangerous than tobacco, feel free to laugh your ass off!


Weed Has Shown Huge Promise Against Epilepsy

A recent study carried out on the potential effects of weed as a treatment for epilepsy sufferers brought to light some incredible revelations. Scientists were interested in the difference made…if any…to seizure rates in kids affected by the most severe forms of epilepsy of all. At the end of the study, those that had been prescribed cannabis extract drugs and had stuck to the course reported a seizure-rate reduction of around 50% on average, compared to those using conventional drugs and treatments.


Pot May One Day Cure Cancer

Ok, so it’s a bit of a garish prediction to make at such an early stage, but there’s no disputing the promise weed has shown against cancer in lab tests. In specific, one of the chemicals found in weed – that being CBD – managed to prevent the spread of cancer cells when tested under laboratory conditions and could therefore be used to halt cancer in its tracks.


THC Could be Used to Treat Alzheimer’s

Last but not least, THC has been used in several trials to date as a means by which to treat early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. And while it hasn’t proved to be the miracle silver-bullet cure we’re all still praying for, it nonetheless was highly effective in slowing the progression of the condition above and beyond a variety of conventional dementia treatments and drugs.


And there you have it – all the ammunition you need next time you’re told that what you’re doing is irresponsible and dangerous.


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