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Weed Vs Hash: What’s the Big Difference?

Weed Vs Hash: What’s the Big Difference?

By Lisa Mortown

Everyone knows that weed and hash are two completely different products. However, cannabis newcomers often question the more precise differences in the characteristics and properties of the two.

Both hash and cannabis can be of incredible quality and offer an immensely enjoyable experience. But how exactly are they different? More importantly, is one of the two fundamentally better than the other?

Weed 101
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out or explain what weed is. Assuming it hasn’t been tainted or processed in any way, weed is made entirely of the cured flowers and surrounding plant matter of cannabis plants. It’s a 100% organic product, which may have been engineered by its breeders to deliver a specific fragrance, flavour or effect.

Sativa weed is renowned for delivering a predominantly energising and uplifting high, while indica gets to work on the body with the physical stone. The more balanced the cannabis strain (indica to sativa ratio), the more balanced the high.

Hash 101
The difference with hash – aka hashish – is that it is a product comprised primarily of resin that has been separated from the cannabis plant. Resin is extracted from the buds and surrounding sugar leaves, after which it is pressed into a block. There are various approaches to hash production, but the vast majority result in the same end product.

Typically light to dark brown in colour, a block of hash can be made using resin extracted from any number of different cannabis plants. It’s comparatively rare to come across resin made from one specific strain only, but it does exist.

Hash Vs Weed – Key Differences
With cannabis and related products in general, what matters most is the experience. While there are distinct differences between hash and weed, both products can be of equally high quality and desirability.

The primary differences between hash and weed concern the following:

  1. Flavour

You don’t need to be a cannabis connoisseur to detect the difference between weed and hash at a single sniff. Hashish has a characteristically spicy and exotic fragrance, whereas weed tends to smell much fresher and sometimes fruity. There are, however, some cannabis strains that naturally smell very similar to hash, so the difference isn’t always obvious.

  1. Strength

Depending upon the quality of the batch, hash can be exponentially stronger than weed. For the most part, regular cannabis doesn’t typically contain more than 30% THC. There are some specially engineered strains that head closer towards 35%, but never more than this. With hash, you’re usually looking at a minimum of 35% THC, with an upper-limit as high as 90% for the highest-potency products. Potency can vary significantly with weed and hash alike, but the fact that hash comprises primarily compressed resin means it is almost always much stronger.

  1. Quality and Consistency

One issue with hash is that it can be difficult to measure its quality by way of appearance and fragrance alone. Unless it is purchased from a reputable source, it’s not uncommon for additional ‘ingredients’ to be thrown into the mix to bulk it out. That said, it’s also not uncommon to come across cannabis that’s of no practical value whatsoever.

No Clear Winner…
With all forms of cannabis and cannabis-related products, nothing matters more than quality and value for money. Hence, you cannot realistically declare that either hash or weed is ‘better’ than its counterpart outright.

Just as a great batch of weed may beat a poor block of hash, the same is also true in reverse.

In any case, variety really is the spice of life with these kinds of things. So, rather than wasting time trying to decide which is better, it’s far easier to simply treat yourself to a batch of both!

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