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Weird-Ass Foods That Taste Awesome When the Munchies Strike

Weird-Ass Foods That Taste Awesome When the Munchies Strike

By Grow How

The stoner kitchen is a thing of real beauty when the munchies kick in – a place where even the world’s proudest Michelin Star chefs couldn’t rival the weird-ass dishes concocted. As for why it’s usually the bizarre that tastes awesome while high, there’s plenty of science behind it but it’s all too boring to bother with. All that matters is that it does – and the odder, the better!


But even though you really can’t go wrong with whatever you decide to mix, a few seemingly random recipes have been killing it across the US for years now. So if you’ve got the capacity to whip-up or even read any of these following munchie-marvels next time you’re aching for a feed, chances are you’ll understand what all the fuss is about.


Instant Burgers with Stupid Toppings

Let’s face it, those cheap microwave burgers only ever taste good while high anyway, right? But next time, try mixing it up a little with a few toppings you’d probably be laughed out of normal society for even mentioning. From honey to pineapple to pear to sour cream and potato chips, trust us when we say there’s no such thing as going OTT.


Stoner Salad

Salad? For real? Yep, but not the kind you’ll find up for grabs in the average health joint. A stoner salad is basically a thin layer of greens just for the sake of them being there, after which you load it up with anything…literally. From sausages to burgers to bacon to meatballs and all the sauces you can mix together into something brown and awesome, finish it off with a naan bread and you’re well away.


Bacon and Sweet Stuff

Americans are totally crazy about sweet meats, much more than folks in the UK. You might not have tried super-sweet bacon or you might have tried it and hated it – try in while high on the other hand and…well, you’ll see. It’s the mix of salty and sweet that just works like nothing else. Choose any bacon and literally anything sweet – honey, maple syrup or even chocolate…all fair game. And of course, you can always combine this sweet bacon treat with either the burger or salad of your choosing – why the hell not!


Toasted Cheese and Jam Sandwich

Another wicked-awesome sweet and savoury combo that you’ll never get over – cheese and jam melted into sticky heaven between two bits of bread. Experiment with as many cheeses and jams as you like until you find something that blows you away. Though chances are, they all will.


Pizza Soup

Say what? Only in America…pizza, made into a freaky soup that’s if nothing else a bit easier to eat. It’s case of taking a jar of tomato sauce and emptying it into a bowl, covering it in a tone of cheese and then going ape with the toppings and additions. After this, it’s into the microwave for about two minutes. Suffice to say it’ll be hotter than the sun when it comes out and should be handled like napalm for a while, but once it’s edible…wow!


Sausage Curry

An instant curry that’s cheaper than buying it and easier than making it up from scratch, grab yourself a jar of curry sauce, lob it in a pan with a bunch of chopped sausages and heat until cooked. We’re not talking gourmet, we’re talking awesomeness.


Fruit and Meat

Last up, for that instant hit of sweet and salty that’s guaranteed to blow your taste buds away, simply chop up some pear or apple and combine it with a few slices of salty ham or any kinds of cold meats. Feel free to add some cheese for an even more epic effect.






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