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What’s the Deal with Cannabis Shake?

What’s the Deal with Cannabis Shake?

By Lisa Mortown

Ask ten different stoners for their thoughts on cannabis shake and you’ll probably get ten different answers. That is, assuming all ten of them actually know what shake is.

If you’re new to it all, cannabis shake is…in the simplest terms possible…the leftovers in the bottom of the bag/container. However carefully you store your weed, it’s inevitable that a fair amount of debris will fall off your buds and accumulate. This debris is referred to as cannabis shake, which isn’t nearly the valueless commodity many assume it to be.

Shake isn’t the most glamorous or luxurious of products, but this doesn’t mean it’s of no practical value. As with cannabis in general, the quality of cannabis shake varies significantly from one batch to the next. In some instances, shake is comprised of nothing but high-quality cannabis plant matter, packed with THC and bursting with flavour. In others, it’s comprised largely of non-smokable plant matter – sticks, stems, fan leaves and so on.

Unfortunately, the appearance and texture of cannabis’ shake can make it difficult to detect the quality of any given batch. Hence, there’s a time and a place to use shake, as well as a time to give it a miss.

When Shake is Good
If you’re on a budget and out to spend as little as possible, shake is worth checking out. Depending on the dispensary you head to, it’s possible to pick up a full ounce of shake for as little as $20. Prices can also exceed $100, which gives you some idea of the quality of the product you’re looking at. Still, there’s no other way of accessing these quantities of cannabis for such low prices, unless you grow your own.

In addition, shake can be good if you’re thinking of whipping up a batch of everyday edibles. You’ve no real idea what’s in the bag, or whether it contains debris from any number of different strains. Nevertheless, this really isn’t an issue if you’re just looking to get high. Plus, the quality of the shake won’t have a huge bearing on the final result.

When Shake is Bad
On the opposite end of the scale, shake isn’t always the best choice for smoking. This is because low-cost shake often contains the kind of plant matter that can result in a harsh and unpleasant smoke. It’s not necessarily going to do you any harm, but doesn’t make for a pleasant experience.

In addition, medical cannabis users are advised to avoid shake at all costs. This is due to the fact that with all forms of shake, you cannot guarantee the purity or potency of the plant matter in the bag. Again, it could be made up of debris from multiple specimens, which doesn’t bode well for medical cannabis users who need specific strains in specific doses.

Last but not least, cannabis shake isn’t usually suitable for making concentrates. This is the because the resin content (and general potency) of shake is likely to be insufficient to get the job done. If you’re out to make top-shelf concentrates, you’ll need to shell out for top-shelf bud.

Shake it Off…
In summary, cannabis shake is inconsistent and unpredictable, but is nonetheless an invaluable cannabis commodity. It’s simply a case of knowing how to put it to use and not setting your expectations too high.

Nevertheless, if you’re seriously short on cash and there’s an ounce up for grabs for $20, it’s a deal you really can’t afford to pass up.

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