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Why Grow Just One Cannabis Plant?

Why Grow Just One Cannabis Plant?

By Grow How

Some would-be home growers are put off by the apparent complexities of cultivating cannabis. They see pictures of impressive grow spaces, populated by dozens of huge cannabis plants and more technology than the international space station. Having neither the time nor the inclination to recreate such a grow space, they choose not to bother.

But how about growing just one single cannabis plant? Is there really any point taking one cannabis seed and transforming it into a vibrant and verdant plant?

The answer…as usual, it’s primarily a case of personal preferences and perspectives. Nevertheless, there are at least a handful of reasons why growing a single cannabis plant is worth considering:

1. It’s fun

First up, growing just a single cannabis plant eliminates a ton of complexities and involvement from the equation. As you’ve only one plant to worry about, you don’t need to invest nearly as much time and effort in the project.Nevertheless, the satisfaction turning a cannabis seed into a healthy cannabis plant really is something else. Even if you consider yourself to be horticulturally challenged, you’ll have a blast growing a cannabis plant.

2. It’s Easy

Not only this, but growing a cannabis plant from scratch can also be surprisingly easy. On one hand, you could invest heavily in state-of-the-art technology and set your sights on world-class bud of epic proportions.Alternatively, you could just pop a sprouted seed into the ground (or a pot) and leave it mostly to its own devices. Even with little more than a splash of water from time to time, you stand to watch something amazing emerge from almost nothing.

3. Undivided Attention

Assuming you’re new to cannabis cultivation, starting with one plant can be a good way of getting things off the ground. Rather than spreading yourself too thinly, you can provide this plant with your undivided attention and watch its every move from start to finish. Learn how it works, familiarise yourself with the cultivation process and build your skills gradually from scratch. After which, you can go on to a more complex cannabis cultivation project, if you wish to do so.

4. It Costs Next to Nothing

Technically speaking, all you need to cultivate quality cannabis is the very best cannabis seeds you can lay your hands on. Cannabis grows like a weed (literally) and doesn’t have to be nearly as demanding as you might expect.When you consider the costs of quality cannabis seeds, what you actually stand to get out of the deal represents enormous value for money. Grown indoors in a single pot or outside in open soil, costly supplies aren’t always necessary.

5. The Results

Providing one plant with your undivided attention could translate to an outstanding harvest. One plant might not seem like much, but it’s worth remembering that a single cannabis plant grown indoors has the potential to produce ounce after ounce of quality cannabis. If anything, you could end up with more of the stuff than you’ll know what to do with - all from a single plant.

6. It’s Addictive

Last but not least, cannabis may not be addictive in the traditional sense, but cultivating it most certainly is. Irrespective of how things go with your first attempt, you’ll find the prospect of starting out again irresistible. Only next time, you’ll probably opt for a couple more plants to test your new skills and knowledge. There’s something uniquely satisfying about the ceremony of consuming cannabis you’ve grown yourself from seed. Experience it once and there really is no going back.

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