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World’s First Weed Gym Set to Open in California

World’s First Weed Gym Set to Open in California

By Grow How

Here’s a question – have you ever worked out while high? If the answer is no, you could be missing out on something pretty epic!


From energy drinks to protein shakes to all manner of questionable pills and powders, athletes and fitness junkies have for generations turned to a variety of substances to get in shape. Some they take before getting active, some during and others after – as long as it does the job, they’ll give it a shot.


However, one California gym is making headlines all over the world right now, having become the first to tout cannabis as a performance-enhancing supplement. Specifically, Power Plant Fitness – which is soon to open its doors in San Francisco – will allow its members to work out while every bit as high as they want to be. Not only this, but they’ll also be offering a wide range of specially developed cannabis edibles to be consumed both before and after workout sessions.


The way they see it, getting your workout and your buzz on at the same time just makes a world of sense!


It’s all the idea of one Jim McAlpine, who also happens to be the famed founder of 420 Games – the world’s only official stoned running event. As far as he’s concerned, it’s all part of a wider effort to show people that smoking or consuming weed doesn’t always have to be about sitting around on the couch for hours on end, only ever moving to grab yet another snack. He believes that controlled use of cannabis can be used to improve a person’s fitness levels and motivate healthier lifestyles.


According to a report from Tech Insider, new members to the gym will first undergo a ‘cannabis performance assessment’ which will be similar to the usual kind of assessment you’d expect when joining a gym. The only difference being that you’d be tested to see how your body reacts and performs while high, in order to work out just have much pot you’ll be needing before and after your workout.


In terms of consumption, the gym will at first only allow its users to take hits from vaping devices and ingest cannabis edibles. Over time however, they intend to open a separate smoking area which can be used for smoking joints, pipes, bongs and so on. Power Plant Fitness will eventually carry its own range of exclusive weed-laced supplements and snacks, created in accordance with the needs of its customers.


On the downside, the fact that marijuana is still illegal in a recreational capacity in California means that anyone wishing to make use of Power Plant Fitness will have to have a valid medical cannabis card.




His other brainchild – 420 Games – is a series of runs that take place across the United States and openly encourage those taking part to do so while high. While the World Doping Agency continues to consider THC a banned substance for use in competition, there has actually been very little research carried out into what weed does in an athletic sense. It’s banned for use which means that agency thinks it’s a performance enhancer – why exactly is another question.


Of course, plenty of stoners would admit that weed enables them to do the kinds of things they’d never be able to do normally, but it’s all totally anecdotal and has little to no scientific backing. It’s theorised that the right amount of cannabis could both improve the effectiveness of any given workout and speed up recovery afterwards.


It looks like we’ll be finding out way more about the truth behind weed and exercise when Power Plant Fitness opens its doors later this year.



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