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World’s First ‘Weed Wedding’ a Life-Changing Experience…Apparently!

World’s First ‘Weed Wedding’ a Life-Changing Experience…Apparently!

By Grow How

If you’re the kind of person who’s more likely to shudder at the thought of another boring wedding than show any real enthusiasm, let’s just say you’re far from in the minority. In fact, most people will tell you – assuming they’re being honest that is – that weddings don’t exactly rank highly on their lists of enjoyable exploits, though tend to be sure-fire bets for reeling off excuses not to turn up.


However, if there were more weddings out there that were even remotely like that of John Elledge and Whitney Alexander, chances are you’d be begging for an invitation – even if you’ve never met either of them in your life. This happy couple from Oregon not only made international headlines but also to a large extent made history last month when they threw the first official and 100% legal weed-wedding.


The setting really couldn’t have been better – the party took place on the family Christmas tree farm surrounded by nothing but nature’s finest offerings. And they weren’t confined to the great outdoors either, as the star of the show at the wedding was a huge weed tent the couple erected which they freely admit transformed what would’ve been a run of the mill wedding reception into "a life-changing event".


In terms of how it all went down, whereas most of us might have a tent or two erected and filled with the usual cakes, and refreshments and a contender for the world’s cheesiest DJ, this couple installed their very own pot bar where guests could have their fill of pretty much anything and everything they fancied. In an interview with USA Today, Mr Elledge said that there were no less than 13 different types of marijuana on offer to choose from, along with a professional ‘bud tender’ charged with the job of making sure every guest got their hands on their perfect pot.


Oh and just for the record, Mr Elledge is in fact a professional marijuana grower, so in that respect it’s not exactly surprising that he’d put on such an epic bash.


“We were shocked, utterly shocked at the response,” he said while being interviewed.


“I’m still getting 15 to 20 texts a day from people saying what a life-changing event that was and what a great experience it was to have a smoke tent there,”


“With the new recreational laws [in Oregon] you can only have up to eight ounces on private property.  We had 13 different strains there.”


He also revealed that one of the party’s oldest guests – an 81-year-old woman – was sure to drop by the weed tent for a toke of the good stuff.


“She hadn’t smoked weed since the ‘60s.  She loved it!” he added.


To read the story can be rather bittersweet to say the least as depending on where you happen to be based, it all begins to look and feel a little bit like a party you’re never going to be invited to…quite literally, in this case. It’s nothing short of extraordinary to see how some of the world’s forward-thinking countries and regions are evolving and advancing through and new era of sensible cannabis tolerance, rather than simply sticking with archaic laws and policies which no longer make any sense.


Oregon made history by becoming the very first North American state to effectively legalize cannabis when carried or owned in small amounts, and also became one of the first states to permit research, development and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Several other American states have already followed suit and more are expected to follow soon enough – international communities like the United Kingdom on the other hand…well, let’s just say holding your breath may not be wise at this stage.



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