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Yes…You Can Enjoy Pot Without Smoking It

Yes…You Can Enjoy Pot Without Smoking It

By Grow How

Let’s just get one thing straight right now. Anyone who tells you it’s impossible to truly enjoy cannabis without smoking it is lying to you. Or at least, somewhat mistaken in their sentiments.


Of course, there always has been and always will be much to be said for the ceremony and social experience of rolling joints, passing pipes, hitting bongs and so on. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that alternative approaches to cannabis consumption can’t get you just as high, just as quickly.


If anything, alternatives to smoking will get you higher than you’ve ever been!


So if you’d love to make your mark on the cannabis community but simply aren’t into smoking, you’ve still a huge arsenal of options to try out…such as:


First up, vaporising is completely different to smoking as it heats the cannabis to a much lower temperature. Which means that rather than creating a cloud of potentially harsh and irritating smoke, you simply inhale a cool, pure and seriously potent vapour. What’s more, this is also perhaps the best way of tasting every single flavour note in the cannabis you consume. So next time an apparent connoisseur tells you vaping isn’t the way to go, feel free to tell them to shove it on our behalf!


There are three unique advantages to edibles that go over and above smoking.  First of all, there’s creativity – the freedom to create anything and everything you can think of using your favourite cannabis. Secondly, there’s the fact that you can take and use cannabis edibles anywhere you go, without anyone having a clue what you’re doing. And finally, play your cards right with edibles and you’ll get higher for longer, while at the same time making your stash go so much further than it otherwise would.


Ingestible Oils
The name is pretty self-explanatory in this instance – concentrated cannabis oil that is taken orally. Particularly when administered and ingested in the form of carefully dosed capsules, ingestible oils can be convenient and mind-blowingly powerful in equal measures.


If you haven’t yet tried dabbing for yourself, you’re missing out on a serious treat. Essentially, it’s as simple as dropping small amount of cannabis concentrate onto a heated surface, in order to then inhale the super-potent vapour created. In a sense, it’s a little like vaporising taken to a spectacularly higher level. While there are hundreds of wild and wacky approaches to dabbing, one of the most popular and easy involves nothing more than a metallic nail and a butane lighter. Newcomers beware however - dabbing packs the kind of punch you might not yet have the chin for!


Last but not least, the most important thing to know about topicals is that they aren’t going to get you high. This category of cannabis products refers to the kinds of balms and lotions that have been infused with cannabis or cannabis compounds. Designed for direct application to the skin, effective cannabis topicals can be great in the treatment of localised inflammation, soreness and pain in general. The idea being that you benefit from the medicinal properties of cannabis, without having to get high. So if looking to mildly medicate while remaining clear headed, topicals can get the job done nicely.


And there you have it – just a few enjoyable alternatives to smoking that prove cannabis can and should be enjoyed by everyone. That said, even if smoking is your thing, there’s still so much to be said for giving all of these options a go.


Variety is, after all, the spice of life…isn’t it?


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