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Strain Effects

C4 Auto Feminized Seeds Strain Effects

C4 Auto Feminized Seeds


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This cannabis plant is the result of multiple crosses of several selected purple strains - a polyhybrid that will be famous for its explosive force from the time its taproot first busts out!

C4 Auto Feminized Seeds is a High THC and Medium (1-5%) CBD strain with Big Bud x Skunk x White Widow x Ruderalis genetics of the Feminized variety brought to you by FastBuds Seeds

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This cannabis plant is the result of multiple crosses of several selected purple strains - a polyhybrid that will be famous for its explosive force from the time its taproot first busts out!

We used genetics from Big Bud, Skunk and White Widow in combination with a new variant of Canadian Ruderalis.

The genetics of this plant are worthy of study - the male parent contributes a reduced flowering time, short internodal distances, and bushiness that's typical for Indica-type plants. Meanwhile, the female parent has endowed C4 with spectacular aroma and flavor.

The result is a strain of which our R&D lab is more than proud, and that harvest after harvest gratifies and delights those who endeavor to grow it.

C4 has a seed to harvest time of only 7 to 8 weeks. During this time you will see how this beautiful specimen produces compact flowers with soft green buds and orange pistils, and gradually becomes frosted with trichomes.

After the second week of flowering, visible buds will develop that will rapidly fatten up week after week.

Its high point begins to be evident during the last two weeks, when the plant displays a compact central cola and has an overall magnificent appearance.

At this point you'll be rubbing your hands with anticipation waiting for its final yield of no less than 650 g/m2. The buds will continue to fatten quickly, and during the final stage the plant will have completed the formation of large central buds.

This variety is ideal for both experienced and novice growers who desire high growth performance and good medium-high effect.

Its physical resiliency makes it very resistant to pests and mold, so it is highly capable of thriving in just about any environment, and in general terms is a fine choice for growing indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Put simply, this strain requires no great care, only some space and tranquility in order to generate its compact buds, including its powerful central cola.

Its aroma is sensational - A hint of butter mixed with deep earthy notes.

The smoke is able to instantly penetrate into your body, inducing relaxation. In a few minutes you will have a sense of wellbeing and a sudden improvement in mood.

The effects are balanced between the head and body. You'll notice the aftertaste that's like a refreshing lemon sorbet enjoyed during midsummer. The effect can easily last for two long hours.

This strain is very suitable for headaches and migraines, anxiety, stress, and muscle aches.

Additional Information

FastBuds Seeds


Big Bud x Skunk x White Widow x Ruderalis




Indica / Sativa

Flowering Type


THC Content


CBD Content

Medium (1-5%)


High, Very High

Plant Height

Short, Medium


Greenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows Outside

Flowering Time

8 weeks

Harvest Month


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  1. Update, day 51 Review by Alacrity

    She's maxed out- standing at 38" in a 3g smart-pot, with multiple base nodes and one solid cola easily 35cm x 8cm. The flowers have started their turn- pistils drying and reddening, trichomes going milky and her days are down to less than 20. The flowers have foxtailed up- individual calyxes staggering ladder like- it's going to be an interesting finish... updates (at least one more) to follow. (Posted on 9/20/2018)

  2. Majestic!! Review by Alacrity

    Started a single on August 1, and the tap-root exploded out 3mm within 24 hours, demanding to be planted. 3 days later, she hit the ground and went vertical, growing 20cm in 10 days, calyxes forming shortly thereafter. By day 20, the purple set in and the contrast of the yellow pistils on the purple with a deep green made her a joy to behold. At day 43, she's at 87mm and looking like something from an Alien movie- florid hues of purple, yellow and green, all spiked and gnarled in frost. I have accepted the fact that I'll never grow a photoperiod seed again- these autos have ruined me.

    More to follow as she progresses. (Posted on 9/13/2018)

  3. Nice Review by Charles

    Explosive growth. Beautiful colors (Posted on 6/25/2018)

  4. love this company Review by yelram4life

    Seeds arrive in great shape, love the packaging, thanks for the presents! Freebies were not the usual junky old strain, actually excited to work with them! Love your company, CHEERS! (Posted on 6/23/2018)

  5. deep purple Review by Thomas

    mine basically grew as just one giant cola. beautiful purple coloration on the flowers and many of the leaves. smells great, tastes great! (Posted on 2/8/2018)

  6. Enjoying watching this grow Review by Boob

    I have this in a 1 gallon Air pot in coco . This plant is Lush . Beautiful medium leaves vibrant green .showing its purple phenotype within the female sex pistols . I am definitely buying this again. Can't wait to try it (Posted on 10/1/2017)

  7. c4 auto Review by JT

    I just finished growing 3 c4 ladies. I think the growth was stunted due to the extreme heat that we had. I should have brought them inside. 2 of the 3 were really purple while the other showed no purple at all. (Posted on 9/22/2017)


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