Cheese Strain


One of the most famous and infamous variants ever to make its mark on the scene, it’s now hard to imagine a world without the cheese family of cannabis strains. Originally engineered in the United Kingdom, this Indica-dominant Hybrid is characterised by its unique aroma and flavour. Though above all this, it’s the consistent potency and reliability of cheese that has made it such a powerful player on the world stage.

Right now, a whole world of cheese sub-types are being cooked up and enjoyed globally – enhancing and intensifying what made the strain such a hit in the first place. Here at Seed Supreme, we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest new additions to the cheese family, in order to welcome any that make the cut to our own collection of hand-picked classics.

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A Unique Experience

Cheese first hit the scene back in the late 1980s and is said to owe its origins to Skunk #1. A strain already famed for its seriously heavy aroma, its yields and trichome production were increased by breeders who began introducing Afghani Indica genetics. The result was a brand-new Hybrid, which instantly gained fame for delivering a delightfully blissful and relaxing high that was both gentle and convincing at the same time.

On the surface, everything about cheese sounds unappealing. Along with an incredibly distinctive, somewhat sour cheesy aroma, quality Cheese tends to leave a lingering aftertaste behind that’s not dissimilar to strong cheddar. But while it might sound a little on the unpleasant side, it’s actually a quite delicious and wholly unique experienced. It’s not a case of being left with a mouth full of unwanted cheese flavour, but rather then lingering, fruity and punchy undertones you’d expect from a good piece of cheddar.

And when it’s been both grown well and cured professionally, the flavour experience you can expect from Cheese strains really is like nothing you’ve come across before…ever!

The Multi-Talented Cheese Strain

What’s really great about the Cheese family is how it is so multi-faceted in terms of effects and benefits. Famed the world over for its remarkable medicinal effects, Cheese strains are often turned to for relief from insomnia, arthritis, inflammation and nausea. In recreational circles, there’s really no better way of enjoying an uplifting, mellowing high that’s comprehensively controllable.

Here at Seed Supreme, we like to cover all tastes and all needs. Which is why we stock more than 90 difference Cheese strains and sub-strains – ideally suited to newcomers and professionals alike. You’ll find all the specifics for each strain by clicking on the relevant image, or you can get in touch with the Seed Supreme team any time with any questions you may have on any of our strains.