Critical Strain


In order to become a truly legendary cannabis strain family, you have to tick a number of important boxes. First of all, you need to produce the kinds of strong, resilient plants that deliver outstanding yields consistently and without exception. Secondly, you need to be adaptable to as many different growing conditions as possible, to suit cultivators all over the world. Lastly, you need to produce buds with an incredible flavour profile and that quintessentially enjoyable high that’s good for all occasions.

Why some fall short of the mark, the Critical family makes the grade in every respect. Here at Seed Supreme, we’ve assembled a market-leading range of 50+ critical seed types, in order to suit all tastes, preferences and growing styles.

Not Just a Cash Crop

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What are Critcal Strains?

In many cannabis circles, the Critical family is known as being the ‘cash crop’ of the group. The reason being that when it comes to delivering high, reliable yields while at the same time delivering a good smoke, you can count on Critical to satisfy.

But over recent decades, so many incredible advances have been brought to the Critical family that’s it’s no longer simply a cash crop and nothing else. It’s still a family famed for delivering very high yields, but whatever kind of smoke it is you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find your tastes catered to right here.

By bringing together Critical genetics with those of Cheese, Haze, Jack Herer, Kush and so many others, engineers have been able to come up with a series of sub-strains that are as different as they are outstanding. Along with delivering in terms of yields and quantities, Critical can also be an ideal strain to grow where space is limited, or you’d prefer your growing efforts not to be picked up on by outsiders.

Fast, Reliable Yields

To pick up feminised Critical seeds is to stand the best possible chance of experiencing heavy yields in the shortest possible time. In as little as seven weeks, it’s perfectly possible to go from fledgling plants to the kinds of yields no other strain can or will come close to. If you have a tight schedule or are simply looking to produce as much as possible as fast as possible, Critical could be the family for you.

But once again, it’s not all about commercial-scale yields with volume being the only benefit. Instead, Critical is famed for delivering a relaxed and mellow stone, though the exact effects vary massively in accordance with the strain chosen. When Critical is brought together with Super Silver Haze for example, the results are nothing short of mind-blowing.