Girl Scout Cookies

Sometimes, the names given to cannabis strains just don’t deliver on their promises. In others, they exceed every expectation and then some. As for Girls Scout Cookies, you’re looking at a textbook example from the latter camp – a seriously satisfying strain that’s a guaranteed hit for anyone with a sweet tooth. Across the world – most notably in Colorado and Washington State – Girl Scout Cookies has become less a popular strain and more a must-have staple on the high-end marijuana scene.

Often referred to as GSC, Girl Scout Cookies has been exploding in popularity over recent years. Cooked up by the Cookie Family in San Francisco, GSC boasts OG Kush and F1 Durban genetics to produce a seriously powerful and impressive hybrid. It didn’t take long for it to become a massive hit up and down the West Coast, before quickly making its way across the US and on to international fame.

Here at SeedSupreme, we carry only the most outstanding Girl Scout Cookies seeds on the market – hand-selected and verified for unrivaled quality!

Sweet and Innocent?

The aroma of good GSC is the stuff of legends and never disappoints. With a strong likeness to OG Kush and a distinctive citrus undertone, there’s also an unmistakable whiff of fresh-baked cookies in there. With a slightly minty menthol note, the resulting package is one that’s simply irresistible in every way.

In terms of appearance, GSC really is as appealing as a batch of premium cookies. Flecked with orange, purple and green, the dense buds form powdery crystal clusters that promise to deliver the goods when smoked. It all looks relatively similar to OG Kush, only with fewer orange accents. As for the flavor; well, it’s here that the complexity of good cookies really comes into its own. Earthy, rich and with a distinct chocolatey aftertaste, it’s the kind of cannabis strain you could happily order up as a dessert in its own right!

Cookie Concoctions

Unsurprisingly, a strain as epic as GSC has found its way into a fair few hybrids and new creations over the years. Though of course, some would argue there’s no improving on perfection. Here at SeedSupreme, our range of GSC seeds includes Girl Scout Cookies Auto, Feminised and Regular seeds, along with Cookies Kush, Animal Cookies and a huge range of cookie crosses. Cultivation specifics and effects vary, so we’d highly recommend checking the individual listings by clicking the strain you're interested in.

In a nutshell, GSC is the kind of strain where if you're not already indulging, you’re missing out on something truly epic. Even if sweet strains aren’t usually your thing, there’s so much complexity and deep enjoyment to be taken from GSC that you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone not completely in love with it!


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