Gorilla Glue strains

What's in a name? In this case, everything!

The world famous Gorilla Glue has been winning cannabis cups and consumers' hearts all over the world in recent years and it's easy to see why. With insanely high THC levels, fantastic flavours and frankly ridiculous level of resin production this strain is a serious contender for the connoissuer's choice crown. As for the name, well those super sticky and highly abundant trichomes are liable to stick your scissors together during manicuring, your fingers together during handling or just plain 'glue' you to the couch after consuming.

With wins at cups in Michigan, Los Angeles and Jamaica, the Gorilla's amazing potential is no longer a secret and patient's will come from far and wide to get their hands sticky with Gorilla Glue #4.


So what's in a strain?

Gorilla Glue #4 is known to be a very potent hybrid strain that causes uplifting feelings of euphoria combined with extreme relaxation (remember the part where you're glued to the couch!).

The parent strains for this super beast are Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel which have passed down a strong earth-like, somewhat sour aroma to the offspring along with a spicy and diesely aftertaste. THC levels regularly test at 24%+ (as high as 30% in some documented cases) which should be expected with such dense, sticky trichome production.


Gimme Gimme!

With the strain being fairly well guarded by the original creators it's only recently been possible to pick up in seed form, although there's a been a good run of copies and hybrids bearing the eponymous 'Glue' tag in their names. With the original finally released in seed form (on no doubt highly limited runs) we've gathered the best Gorilla Glue crosses here in one place, for all the stickiest strain goodness!


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