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Purple Haze, runs through my mind! Since the 70's Haze strains have been synonymous with the hippy era, epitomising the free thinking, creativity and psychedelia of the times. The Original Haze is a pure Sativa hybrid, grown from a variety of south American and south Asian landrace strains; it's effect is renowned for the strong, cerebral, uplifting high which has led to it's other nicknames such as 'ampheta-weed'. First bred in California (by a pair of growers known as the 'Haze Brothers') it was later brought to Holland by none other than Sam the Skunkman and within a short space of time had been recognised as something quite special.

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Due to its extremely long flowering time and potential stretching in veg it quickly became apparent that Europe's indoor cannabis growers would need something a little different and the first Haze hybrids appeared in the late 80's. Nowadays Haze is ubiquitous, fathering and mothering all sorts of strains and well loved varieties, just look at the hit list, Neville's Original, Super Silver Haze, Amnesia, Blue Dream, cup winners all. 40 years old and going strong, we've collected all the best Haze seeds that SeedSupreme can get their hands on and you'll find them in the section below, come check them out and take the trip your parents talked about. Now then, 'scuze me while I kiss the sky!