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Highest THC Strain

THC from SeedSupreme

Looking to test your tolerance with something a little more potent? Or perhaps try out a stronger strain to help deal with more stubborn medical issues? Either way, Seed Supreme has you covered. Our comprehensive seed catalogue includes an extensive range of high THC strains, capable of producing the kinds of plants that pack a serious punch.

Recent years in particular have brought about the cultivation of some of the most powerful cannabis strains ever created. Though high THC strains have always existed, they’re far more readily available and consistent than ever before. A variety of factors contribute to THC levels in any given cannabis strain, including its phenotype, growing conditions, seed quality and more. Seed Supreme goes the extra mile to guarantee unbeatable quality and value for money - high THC cannabis seeds you can count on.

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The Strongest Cannabis Strains

As mentioned above, exact levels of THC in any given cannabis strain will vary significantly in accordance with multiple factors. Even if you grow the same strain five times in a row, you could be looking at five entirely different THC levels if the cultivation conditions aren’t consistent. In any case, there are certain cannabis strains that are known to produce the highest THC levels of any strains currently on the market. Examples of which including but not limited to the following:

Royal Gorilla

Something of a modern classic, Royal Gorilla takes potency to genuinely unprecedented levels. Despite having been created purely by accident, Chems Sis, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel genetics come together to produce a strain with up to 30% THC – sometimes even higher. One hit is often enough to do the business in a big way.

Fat Banana

Boasting a sweet and fruity flavour profile that more than lives up to its name, Fat Banana sets new standards for hard-hitting Indica strains with a THC concentration of up to 25%. The perfect strain for a good night’s sleep, or when you’re happy spending several hours doing absolutely nothing.

Purple Queen

Famed for its enchanting and borderline intoxicating fragrance, Purple Queen takes classic Kush genetics and uses them to create THC levels in the region of 25%. As a strain with predominantly Indica heritage, you’re once again looking at the kind of full body stone that makes it borderline impossible to do anything productive. And all to its credit. 

Amnesia Haze

Another all-time classic, Amnesia Haze delivers an immediate and hard-hitting cerebral high, powered by THC levels that often go way beyond 20%. To say Amnesia Haze is an uplifting and generally feel-good smoke would be something of an understatement. If anything, the euphoria can be almost overpowering for the inexperienced smoker. 

Royal Cookies Automatic

Easy to grow and an absolute joy to smoke, Royal Cookies Automatic comes in at a comparatively modest 18% maximum THC, though packs a quite enormous punch nonetheless. An absolute no brainer as a ‘dessert’ marijuana strain, Royal Cookies Automatic flowers in no time at all and produces the most delightfully sweet and minty flavours you just can’t help but dive into.

The Benefits of High THC Cannabis 

High THC cannabis brings a number of advantages to the table, which go over and above the obvious.  Of course, some would argue that the biggest advantage of high THC cannabis is its capacity to get you unbelievably high, unbelievably quickly. Nevertheless, it’s also worth bearing in mind that high THC cannabis can also be incredibly economical. The more potent the marijuana, the less of it you need to consume to achieve the desired effect. Particularly when using a vaporiser, high THC cannabis offers outstanding value for money.

In addition, high THC cannabis is routinely recommended for the treatment of more advanced and chronic medical symptoms. When typical medical cannabis doesn’t provide sufficient relief, switching to a higher THC strain could make all the difference. And as a little high THC cannabis goes a long way, you may only need to grow a couple of plants (if legally entitled to do so) to fulfil your requirements, as opposed to an entire indoor cannabis farm. 

Growing High THC Cannabis 

Contrary to popular belief, high THC cannabis isn’t necessarily any more difficult to grow than any other cannabis. As is the case with all marijuana strains, you need to simply provide the plants with the conditions they need to reach their full potential.

High THC cannabis strains have been produced by marijuana engineers worldwide in a variety of different climates. Hence, ideal growing conditions vary enormously from one strain to the next. While some are perfectly suited to cooler northern climates, others will only fulfil their potential in consistently tropical conditions. If planning to grow high THC cannabis for recreational or medical purposes, you’ll need to carefully consider the conditions your chosen strain requires.

Once again however, high THC cannabis can be comparatively easy to grow as you’ll only need a handful of plants to produce more quality pot than you’ll know what to do with.

High THC Cannabis Seeds

As always, the key to successful cultivation when it comes to high THC cannabis lies in starting out with the best genetics. You cannot and will not produce quality cannabis if the seeds you germinate don’t allow you to do so.  

Here at Seed Supreme, we exclusively stock the highest-quality cannabis seeds to suit all recreational and medicinal requirements. Our extensive range of high THC cannabis has been personally selected by our own team of experts, in order to guarantee unbeatable quality and value for money. We stand by the quality of the seeds we sell, ensuring we’re always at the front of the queue when the latest high THC strains emerge.

For more information on any of our products or to discuss placing an order for high THC marijuana seeds, contact a member of the Seed Supreme customer support team today. 

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