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Northern Lights Strain

There are certain cannabis strains that have received popular or even world-famous status. Above and beyond them all however, Northern Lights is nothing short of an icon – a legend of our times. Chances are that if you’re into weed, you’ve come across Northern Lights plenty of times already. And if somehow you haven’t, you’ll definitely have encountered one of its sister strains - Super Silver Haze, Sour Diesel, Shiva Skunk and so on.

Despite being one of the most important and popular strains is history, the exact origins of Northern Lights remain a mystery. However, it’s widely theorised that it first turned up at an unknown juncture in the Pacific Northwest, though didn’t really create any big waves. That was, until it was taken over to the Netherlands and engineered into something not just spectacular, but game-changing on a global basis.

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