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With CBD Cream and Cheese, the CBD-heavy genetics of medical marvel Seedsman CBD have been bred into the potent Cheese lineage to create a smoother, more mellow and medicinally focused hybrid...

Industry Legend Cheese gets a Creamy CBD Upgrade

Bud Basics

Coming from the iconic Skunk family, the legendary UK Cheese has been a cornerstone of European cannabis for decades, famed for her extremely pungent head-turning aroma, moreish flavor profile and potent THC punch. Adding to such crowning achievements, the stinky strain’s fame was cemented through a reliable resilience, abundant generosity come harvest time and impressive pain-relieving traits.

With CBD Cream and Cheese, the CBD-heavy genetics of medical marvel Seedsman CBD have been bred into the potent Cheese lineage to create a smoother, more mellow and medicinally focused hybrid strain which nonetheless honors her storied Skunk family tree.

Boasting a near as dammit 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, the famed powerful psychoactive nature of Cheese is certainly muted in this pot progeny, with 18% CBD (Cannabidiol) serving to offset the 22% THC content’s cerebral influence.

What you’re left with is a marijuana masterpiece for medical cannabis communities which grows just like any other Skunk, balances CBD with THC practically perfectly, and delivers all the decadent flavors and aromas Cheese is famous for but with a stronger focus on soothing therapeutic effects than a psychoactive stone.

Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Cream & Cheese 

As it is with the variety of the dairy version of cheese, so it is with these marijuana marvels of stink.

Reports indicate that the pungent aroma of Original Cheese has had the volume turned down somewhat with CBD Cream and Cheese, however, it’s fair to say that those tokers who fall on the “Love it!” side of the crowd-splitting Skunky scent this family is famous for will fall equally in love with this high CBD strain.

CBD Cream and Cheese delivers the business in flavor and fragrance from the moment the flowers start effusing their pot perfume to the pre-taste on the tongue as you cure and prepare the buds for consumption, as the smoke washes across your palate and the notes linger long beyond.

Alongside those whiffs and tangs of aged and earthy cheeses, this medical hybrid is famed for her almost fruit-like herbal notes of orange and grapefruit, subtly complementing that beloved Cheese experience in a truly unforgettable and award-worthy manner.


Thanks to this elevated CBD levels found in this incredible medical pheno, those new to marijuana or with a low tolerance for THC have an approachable means to explore this perennially popular super strain.

With 18% CBD and up to 22% THC, CBD Cream and Cheese all but achieves the therapeutically coveted 1:1 THC to CBD ratio - a balance many believe is absolutely essential to ensuring optimal benefits from your buds.

You’re not in for the psychoactive kick in the face that made Cheese famous among recreational tokers with this feminized strain, oh no. The influence of this hybrid hits with just as much force but in a far subtler and more manageable manner.

From the first toke, it’s possible to feel the euphoric sense of elation and relaxation sweeping through the body, soothing muscular aches and pains and casting stress into a distant memory. The THC-infused sense of lethargy, however, never hits (unless you stuff yourself with enough weed to knock a seasoned smoker on their ass).

This makes CBD Cream and Cheese a surprisingly ideal cannabis candidate for daytime enjoyment, provided you don’t succumb to the sumptuous and moreish tastes and treat yourself to unashamedly high doses.

Given that high THC levels remain in this strain, it is especially important for those with low tolerance or experience with strong marijuana to take it steady and not overdo their enjoyment.

Medical Uses of CBD Cream & Cheese Feminized 

The true value of the potent medical applications for CBD Cream and Cheese lies not only in the THC to CBD balance and the strain’s wide range of therapeutic uses, but also in the fast-acting nature of the cannabinoid influence.

Such speed makes for near-instant results in certain cases, which can prove a boon to those sceptical of marijuana’s healing magic.

Courtesy of the superb CBD and THC balance, patients suffering from depression have found this feminized CBD superstar to be an ideal antidepressant capable of stimulating natural serotonin release (which makes you happy!).

A host of other mental conditions can successfully be mitigated through the use of CBD Cream and Cheese, too, such as stress, anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD, which are no match for the anxiolytic attributes this strain possesses.

It’s even a renown social motivator, helping to loosen the body and tongue while throwing any worries to the winds.

Ultimately, this hybrid brings on states of calm even Buddhist monks would struggle to match. As if that wasn’t enough, powerful analgesic properties make this strain a potent curative means for everything from chronic pain to migraines, muscle cramps, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and more.

And, few strains bring on bouts of the munchies quite like this - making CBD Cream and Cheese a champion in combating eating disorders or nausea.

Growing CBD Cream & Cheese Feminized Seeds 

Besides boasting an array of medical uses, perhaps the best feature of CBD Cream and Cheese Feminized is this strain’s innate ability to fend off pests, mold and bud rot with little difficulty.

This, alongside the feminized nature of these beans, makes growing a crop of CBD Cream and Cheese super approachable for even novice cultivators with few grows under their belt. There are, however, a few key points to consider before cultivating this hardy mid-sized hybrid.

First up - owing to this strain’s strong Skunk lineage, expect these plants to develop incredibly compact and sticky buds. This can make managing your plants somewhat challenging, but it’s all worth it in the end for those dense, dank and crystal-coated nugs.

Choosing the best cultivation medium is going to prove essential to maximizing production, whether enriching the terpene profile for flavor or boosting the potency is your ultimate aim. In short - if enhancing those terps is for you, organic soil with ⅓ coco coir will do the trick; if you’re after potency, growth speeds or higher yields, a hydroponic setup may suit you better.

Regardless of the growth medium you select, even some botanical skill goes a long way with this hybrid strain. Low Stress Training (LST) methods are known to work especially effectively in guiding ganja plants towards more horizontal growth, allowing for additional budding sites and a much larger bounty come harvest time.

If you’re able, using a ScROG (Screen of Green) setup should work wonders at boosting productivity to prodigious levels, and combining this technique with topping will amplify yields further by increasing cola exposure.

After a short and straight-shooting 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, your crop of CBD Cream and Cheese Feminized will be ready to harvest and deliver indoor growers anywhere between 400 and 600 grams of some of the densest and stickiest nugs you ever did see.

Outdoor crops, however, is where these beauties really shine if given the right climate conditions - here, cultivators can reap bounties of a generous 800 grams of bud from their 2 and a half meter tall plants (just be sure you aim to harvest late September, early October at the latest).


Cheese is one of the most famous marijuana strains there is, and with such generous genetics overflowing with every desirable trait going - from stability to resilience, terpenes, yield, potency and bag appeal - it’s one many are keen to get their hands on.

With CBD Cream and Cheese Feminized, cannabis lovers can enjoy all the palpable medical benefits of this famous strain with the added oompfh of a whopping 18% CBD content.

A terrific choice for those with low THC tolerance. 

More Information
Strain IconsCBD, Feminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthSeptember
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightVery Tall
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentVery High (10-20%)
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