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A crowning jewel in a generation of genius hybrid strains, this is a strain that can clear the mind, boost mental state, increase energy and creativity and motivate you - and all that while she eases anxiety, low mood, and various aches and pains...

Spicy, Citrus CBD to Delight the Senses

Bud Basics

A CBD-infused derivative of the original Mexican Haze strain, CBD Mexican Feminized is a stable plant endowed with the classic and pungent Haze aroma, accentuated by distinct notes of sweet citrus and earth to delight the senses and clear the head for productivity.

The 2013 winner of the Haze Hydro category at the Highlife Cup, this marijuana might have an unknown high-CBD strain as one parent, but is unmistakably related to the Mexican landrace strain.

Sporting 13% THC levels, knock-you-flat highs aren’t what tokers are here for, as CBD Mexican Feminized is packed with 13% CBD - making her a potent therapeutic strain.

Recreationally, this weed will provide a mellow, cerebral and psychedelic high that boosts motivation, mood and creativity. But she really shines as a medical strain, and is well-loved in the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community for her ability to relieve psychological symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as some more painful and physical ailments.

Caring for this cannabis can be simple provided you’re an outdoor grower, or have a grow room or tent with ample vertical space, as this is one particularly lanky strain. CBD Mexican Fem’s Sativa growth characteristics make her perfectly built to resist mold and mildew, leaving you with all female seeds to reduce the work, and only the simple job of ensuring her environment is optimally before harvesting a hassle-free and healthy yield of tight, resinous nugs.

Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Mexican Feminized

Pungent and heady with the classic Haze scent, CBD Mexican Feminized boasts a unique medley of a fragrance, characterized by notes of citrus, and exotic, wood-like incense aromas.

Once combusted, this smoke coats the tongue with pronounced spicy, herbal flavors that tantalize the tongue and linger in the mouth.


With a THC content of 13%, the psychedelic effects of each toke of CBD Mexican are mellow enough for her cerebral euphoria to hit in just the right way.

Capable of clearing the mind and boosting your motivation, a hit of this herb will inspire your creative side and increase your focus and productivity. The energizing buzz of this weed opens up the senses, awakening your mind to keep you functional for as long as the high - and the cannabinoids in your system - last.

With most cannabis strains, it’s not uncommon to experience a few adverse effects - dry, bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth are basically the norm. But since CBD Mexican Fem is enriched with 13% CBD, you’ll find that this is significantly reduced, and the irritation far less than you might expect.

Still, hydration is important - drinking plenty of water before, during and after consuming is essential. As is dosing appropriately, to prevent rarer side effects such as increased anxiety or paranoia.

Medical Uses of CBD Mexican Feminized

As a recreational strain, CBD Mexican Feminized can be enjoyable, if mellow. But with CBD in her name, you’ve likely already guessed that her medicinal potential is her biggest and most famous feature. Heavy on the CBD, this cannabis is more than capable of providing relief and comfort from psychological ailments and physiological ones alike.

Both anxiolytic and with anti-depressant qualities, CBD Mexican can effectively alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, whilst simultaneously boosting and uplifting your mood. This latter quality is also effective at relieving stress and tension.

As a physical aid, deep discomforts such as muscle spasms, cramps, headaches, migraines and arthritis can be treated for temporary pain relief with a joint of this ganja.

Renowned for inducing some serious munchies, this herb is also great at boosting the appetites of those struggling with eating disorders, and can be immensely useful for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and finding themselves with a lack of appetite or feelings of nausea.

Growing CBD Mexican Feminized Seeds

Classically Sativa, CBD Mexican Feminized is tall and slender with long leaves in golden hues, and tight, dense buds coated in glittering trichomes. With her height and long internodal gaps, she’s less susceptible to mold and mildew than some strains, since this allows for better ventilation and airflow between the lower branches. She’s also an impressive grower, and during the flowering period her height will increase up to four times her original size before she’s ready to harvest.

Cultivating this plant indoors is fine, but you need to be sure you’ve got ample vertical space to accommodate her growth. Since she can grow up to 5.5 feet, you need to be sure that not only is there space, but that there’s space to distance any light source from the foliage in order to avoid exposing the plant to high temperatures and damaging or stunting the growth of the plant.

If you prefer to manage her height, rather than let her grow, a Screen of Green (SCROG) setup can be an effective training tool for CBD Mexican Fem. This will keep her upwards growth in check whilst significantly boosting the final yield, as it will expose more budding sites to the provided light source, encouraging the development of additional colas.

If grown in optimum conditions, this weed can yield up to 1.47 to 1.63 ounces of highly resinous nugs per square foot. Keep in mind that she takes about 8 to 10 weeks to flower though.

If you prefer to grow your ganja in the great outdoors, you’ll find that this is a better setup, provided you keep the plants in a warm, Mediterranean-style climate. Do so, and these beauties will flourish quickly to produce between 17 and 24 ounces of buds per plant - though as we’ve said, she’s a tall specimen. If you’re trying to grow this strain discreetly, look for secluded areas, as she’s massive and pungent and can easily draw unwanted attention.


Stable and well-balanced as a recreational and medicinal strain, it’s no wonder that CBD Mexican Fem is highly prized and coveted in the cannabis community.

A crowning jewel in a generation of genius hybrid strains, this is a strain that can clear the mind, boost mental state, increase energy and creativity and motivate you - and all that while she eases anxiety, low mood, and various aches and pains.

Simple enough to newbies and more experienced growers alike, getting your own stash of this herb is hassle-free with Sativa-dominant growth characteristics and all-fem seeds. Managing her height is the most complex task with CBD Mexican, and once that’s done, only a little patience and TLC are required before you’re rewarded with healthy harvests of tight, resinous nugs.

More Information
Strain IconsCBD, Feminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
THC ContentMedium (10-15%)
CBD ContentVery High (10-20%)
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