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Some strains just don’t match up to the impressions of their inventive names, but when it comes to Cream Candy Auto, buckle in for one of the sweetest and creamiest highs of a lifetime...

A Candy-Coated Cannabinoid Treat

Bud Basics

Some strains just don’t match up to the impressions of their inventive names, but when it comes to Cream Candy Auto, buckle in for one of the sweetest and creamiest highs of a lifetime.

The original Cream Candy has been a firm favorite for years, winning hearts worldwide with her earthy caramel flavor profile and propensity for producing up to 600 grams of dense, dank and delicious buds come harvest time.

Into that potent genetic lineage comprising Blue Black, White Rhino and Maple Leaf Indica, breeders infused a particularly potent Ruderalis cultivar, succeeding in the process of shortening the (already fairly swift) flowering time to as little as 8 short weeks - all without losing a drop of potency or yield potential.

Coming at you with 90% Indica genetics, this 24% THC powerhouse hybrid packs one mightily impressive sedative punch capable of catching even seasoned smokers off-guard if they’re not careful.

Truly a strain to savor like any dessert, Cream Candy Autoflower’s taste, aroma and potency are the ultimate candy-coated cannabinoid treat.

Flavor and Fragrance of Cream Candy

With a name like Cream Candy, she had better deliver the goods, right?

Well that’s exactly what this terpene-rich marijuana marvel does best. The earthy caramel notes first present while the plants begin to flower and will be setting your saliva glands into overdrive from that moment on.

It’s always an absolute treat when the flavor meets the high expectations of a strain’s scent, and that is exactly what you’re in store for with this desserty delight, which delivers the creaminess in an almost vanilla-like accent you’ll have lingering on the tongue long after you’re done.


A word of caution for the inexperienced among you - Indica’s with high THC such as Cream Candy and her 24% content can pack a fearsomely fast punch if you’re not expecting it. Even seasoned daily smokers are like to feel the effects of this hybrid strain fairly instantly.

The full-body physical relaxation this stuff brings on is an experience not soon to be forgotten, claiming welcome calming dominion over every inch of you in a matter of minutes.

Working subtly in the shadows, you’ll feel the 10% Sativa influence creeping up the skin, electrifying the senses and uplifting the mood in the most splendid and complementary manner.

This is certainly not a strain for those creative types who long for ganja to fuel their fire, with Cream Candy you’ll not want for anything more than a comfy place to unwind, Netflix and chong, munch yourself out of cupboard or simply allow serenity to wash over you after a long and arduous day.

And, as you might expect, these buds make for the perfect pre-bed joint.

Medical Uses of Cream Candy Autoflower

Due to the predominantly physical nature of the high Cream Candy Auto delivers, patients suffering from the mildest to the most severe pain seek solace with these buds, which never fail to bring them deserved relief.

Whether it’s muscular aches, chronic painmigraines, arthritis, you name it - the medical marijuana masses know an effective treatment when they try it.

Those deeply relaxing properties also prove most effective at combating the unseen illnesses many of us battle on a daily basis. From depression to anxietystressinsomnia or even the loss of appetite, a dose of Cream Candy can help to calm the fires within, help you release the silent burdens you carry and provide freedom from the demons which haunt you.

Growing Cream Candy Auto Seeds

Much like the original, growing Cream Candy Auto is a famously simple process that even those new to the ganja growing game can see huge and epic results from.

Thanks to the autoflowering nature of these beans, you won’t have to worry about how much light these plants receive - they’ll flower all the same regardless.

Inherited through her strong Indica genes, this hardy hybrid proves as good (if not better) than her non-auto parent at fending off plant pests or mold-related issues, and grows in a typical short, stout and dense Indica fashion.

Don’t expect these plants to reach much taller than 1 meter when grown indoors - a perfect choice for those with limited cultivation space. If you think a small stature means less buds, think again - the bud density on these girls is a thing of true beauty, expect many side branches packed full of bud sites.

And, if you’re able to, Sea of Green (SOG) setups are reported to be especially effective for maximizing the potential of this pot in indoor environments.

Cream Candy was always a fairly fast flowering specimen even for an Indica, but with this auto variant, you can expect as little as 8 weeks before your ladies are ready to harvest. That said, an extra week can make a big difference.

No more than 9 weeks indoors should see your crop ready to deliver anywhere between 400 and 600 grams per meter squared for your efforts, while those cultivating outdoors can expect closer to the region of 300 to 500 grams per plant of these decadently delicious nugs - oh, go on!


It’s hard to fault Cream Candy Auto - a fast-flowering Indica with a couch-locking 24% THC and terpenes for days that offer up such an unforgettably delightful creamy flavor and aroma.

So why wouldn’t you grab a batch of these autoflowering seeds for your next harvest?

Well, if you have a low THC tolerance, you might stay clear (though you could always just keep your dosage low). Or… if you don’t enjoy delicious weed, then perhaps this is a no for you. Otherwise, you’d be mad to miss this Indica cannabis champion.

More Information
Strain IconsAutoflower
SexFeminized Autoflower
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthAll Year
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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